Frozen 2 Theory: Elsa Is Just One Of Four Superpowered Princesses

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Could Anna Have Superpowers In Frozen 2?

Ever since the first Frozen movie released way back in 2013, fans have been wondering if Anna might have powers just like her sister - and it looks like this is a distinct possibility in the upcoming sequel. Anna's coloring and green, floral dresses, as well as her connections to fire, have made people think that she may well be the summer to Elsa's winter. Furthermore, when the troll removed "all magic, even the memory of it" from Anna when she was a child, it somehow prevented Anna from realizing that she has powers at all.

The crystals in the sky in the trailer and on the poster also appear very similar to some of the designs on Anna's dress, while another crystal looks similar to designs in Elsa's ice castle. Looks like Anna may be summer, Elsa winter, and the new mystery girl is fall, leaving only spring to find. Revealing Anna's superpowers in Frozen 2 also makes sense because it means that the film won't have to introduce three new princesses, only two - which is a far more reasonable number of new main characters to bring into play in a sequel. Plus, it would easily play into the family theme of Disney's movies and give Anna equal footing with her sister. Anna being summer and Elsa being winter brings about a unique sense of duality.

The Start Of Something Big For Disney

Of course, there are plenty of other options that don't end up with Frozen 2 introducing Anna's hidden powers and two new superpowered princesses. Instead, it's certainly possible that the autumn theme of the Frozen 2 trailer has nothing to do with seasonal gifts, and is simply because the film takes place in the fall in order to coincide with a Thanksgiving release. In that case, the four crystals in the trailer and on the poster could mean something else entirely, and that neither four seasons nor four elements play a part in this expanding franchise.

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It's also possible that the little girl seen playing in the leaves with the boy are actually flashbacks to the childhood of Anna and Elsa's parents. In either case, exploring the origin of Elsa's powers, just as she's learning to completely master them, which is evident in the opening sequence of the Frozen 2 trailer, is important in continuing her story as a hero, not a villain. While it's not the only thing that's important for Frozen 2, it's up there on the list.

Whichever possibility turns out to be the reality for this year's Frozen sequel, there are a couple of things that are pretty much guaranteed; Disney is going to hope that Frozen 2 will be able to live up to the success of the original Frozen, both in critical acclaim and box office success, and this is the start of a much larger Frozen franchise that will last as long as the money keeps rolling in. With the potential of even more superpowered Frozen princesses in Frozen 2, Disney could have a team powerful enough to rival even the Avengers.

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