Frozen 2 Theory: Elsa Is Just One Of Four Superpowered Princesses

Anna and Elsa in Frozen 2

Frozen 2 hits theaters this year, and it's possible that Elsa might not be the only princess with superpowers this time around. Although not a lot is known about the upcoming Frozen sequel, a new Frozen 2 trailer has provided some interesting hints at what's to come - and inspired multiple theories, including one about Elsa's mother having powers of her own.

So far, it has been confirmed that Frozen 2 will see the return of Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, and the rest of the core characters from the original film, as well as a couple of new additions (to be voiced by Evan Rachel Wood and Sterling K. Brown). From the trailer, it also appears that there are two new characters, and what appears to be an entire land where it's fall, not winter, which is in contrast with the series being named Frozen.

Frozen 2 also promises to explain a lot about the original Frozen movie, as well as where Elsa gets her powers. At the moment, the general theory is that Elsa received her powers from her parents, specifically her mother, but another theory suggests that Disney may be setting up for a four-part princess franchise, with a seasonal ability for each woman.

Does Frozen 2 Introduce A Fall Princess?

The trailer for Frozen 2 includes a lot of fall imagery - as opposed to the wintery world of the original. After a few shots of Elsa attempting to use her powers to run across the ocean, the trailer shows Kristoff riding Sven through a fall landscape, a young girl watching a boy being lifted up by wind from a pile of leaves, and then Anna, Elsa, and Kristoff standing looking out over a fall landscape. As the title appears, fall leaves blow through the letters. It's pretty obvious, then, that this is going to be a fall-themed film.

The young girl seen also appears to be able to control the wind and leaves in order to lift up the young boy - and while this isn't guaranteed (it could be someone else controlling it, or he could be the one to control the wind/leaves himself), it seems like the most likely scenario. Some are theorizing that this new fall princess may be Elsa's mother, others believe she may be Elsa's girlfriend (or potential love interest, anyway), but whatever her relationship to Elsa is, it seems clear that there's going to be a new princess with fall-themed powers. Discovering her will undoubtedly be the focus of Frozen 2, and will reveal a little more about how Elsa got her own powers as well as how they work together.

Theory: Frozen 2 Has More Princesses

Anna in Frozen 2

If there are two powered princesses in Frozen's universe - Elsa with her winter powers and this new girl with fall powers -  shouldn't there be four in total? Plenty of fans have started theorizing that there will be one princess for each season in Frozen 2 (h/t smallprincee), with Elsa and the fall princess joined by a summer and spring princess. There is also the possibility that there are multiple princesses that are elemental, rather than seasonal: Elsa would be water (ice and snow) while the new princess could be air (wind and leaves), thus leaving fire and earth to be discovered.

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The idea of four princesses is backed up by both the poster for Frozen 2 and the scene in the Frozen 2 trailer where Anna looks out over dozens of crystals in the air. The crystals in this particular scene match the four crystals in the movie's poster - and it looks like each of the crystals represents a season/element. If these crystals are falling on Arendelle, it could be the motivation for Elsa and Anna to go in search of what they mean, and find the other princesses as a result.

Not only would the existence of four princesses in Frozen 2 make a great story that would lead to Elsa learning more about where her mysterious powers come from, but it makes sense for Disney from a brand perspective. Frozen is a massively successful brand, and one of the things that made it such a huge hit was the focus on two princesses, rather than a princess and prince. Expanding that lineup to four superpowered princess would certainly open up the series into a potential, full-fledged franchise.

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