Frozen 2 Theory: Elsa And Anna's Parents Are Alive

Frozen 2 Elsa Anna Parents Alive

After a 6-year wait, Disney's Frozen 2 will arrive in theaters. Frozen 2 is set for release on November 22, making it the perfect way to kick off the holiday moviegoing season. The long-awaited sequel to the smash hit Frozen finds royal sisters Elsa (Idina Menzel) and Anna (Kristen Bell) joining forces once again with their friends, Kristoff (Jonathan Groff) and Olaf (Josh Gad) to travel to the Enchanted Lands north of Arendelle to find a way to stop something perilous from sweeping across their land.

But Anna and Elsa's Frozen 2 journey won't be that simple. No, this time around the sisters must also travel to the Enchanted Lands in order to discover the truth about Elsa's powers. Where did they come from? Why was she chosen to have them? Was she chosen, or was she born with them? More importantly of all, is there a way for Elsa to even control her powers? For Anna and Elsa, the only way to get those answers is, if our interpretations of the Frozen 2 trailer are correct, by finding their parents - who could still be very much alive after all these years.

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Yes, Anna and Elsa's parents could still alive, and it may well be their mission in Frozen 2 to find them. There's so much that needs to be explained about King Agnarr and Queen Iduna, the former monarchs of Arendelle and the only two people equipped to share with their daughters what is really going on. If the clues weren't blatant enough in Frozen, then the ones provided in the Frozen 2 trailer have made it pretty easy to string together a working theory about how Agnarr and Iduna survived the storm at sea, and how they could give Elsa the answers she needs.

On that note, let's take a look at what we know already about Anna and Elsa's parents, what clues the trailer gives us, and how each of those clues ties into the sisters' goals to learn the truth about Elsa's powers and stop the looming threat against Arendelle.

What We Know About Elsa's Parents

In order to understand what is coming in regard to Anna and Elsa's parents in Frozen 2 it's important to take a look at what Frozen has said about them. As with every Disney movie, Agnarr and Iduna are loving, involved parents. Their deep bond with Anna and Elsa is made clear from the get-go. Agnarr and Iduna would also do anything for their girls, especially when it comes to looking after their well-being.

There are two key examples early in Frozen which establish just how close Agnarr and Iduna are to their girls and how far they would go to care for and protect them. In one early scene, Anna and Elsa are playing around. Elsa is using her powers to create snow mounds for Anna to hop around on. Elsa ends up accidentally hitting Anna with an ice blast, knocking Anna down off one of the mounds as she crashes to the ground. Agnarr and Iduna rush in and find Anna unconscious and Elsa worried. Agnarr and Iduna, equipped with the knowledge that trolls are able to heal someone hurt by powers like Elsa's, take Anna to the trolls in the forest so they can help heal her. Following this incident, Agnarr gives Elsa a pair of gloves, telling her she will have to wear them in order to make sure her powers don't accidentally emerge in a way that could be harmful. Agnarr seems to do it from a place of love and, quite possibly knowledge that this power of Elsa's has the potential to be really dangerous if it's not used properly (something that's proven later in the film).

Agnarr and Iduna have always been there for their daughters, so their loss is acutely felt by Anna and Elsa when it's believed they were lost at sea during a tempestuous storm. From that point on, it's accepted that Agnarr and Iduna are dead and Elsa grows up to be queen. A popular fan theory argues Agnarr and Iduna survived to become the parents of Tarzan, ending up in Africa after the storm blew them off course. It's definitely a wild fan theory that could hold water if only for the fact that Tarzan's parents and artifacts like a photo of his father (do photos even exist in Arendelle? Probably not) hadn't been shown in Tarzan. Despite director Chris Buck, who directed Tarzan and co-directed Frozen, being into the theory and supporting it, it's a bit of a stretch, so it likely won't factor into future conversations about Agnarr and Iduna.

Evidence Of Anna And Elsa's Parents' Role In Frozen 2

As morbid as it sounds, Frozen never actually showed Agnarr and Iduna's bodies after the storm at sea. Furthermore, it seems like the Frozen 2 trailer is clearly telegraphing to audiences that one of the primary goals Anna and Elsa have is to find out what happened to their parents and learn if they are alive. This is teased in a few key trailer moments. The first moment is at the very beginning, when Elsa is on the shore, attempting to freeze waves long enough to run across them. It seems like a simple test of her powers until you consider the waves bear a resemblance to the kinds of waves that swept away her parents' ship years before. There must be a reason Elsa is trying to freeze these impossibly high waves. At a minimum, Elsa could be trying to conquer similarly stormy waters as a way of investigating if it's at all possible her parents could have survived.

Speaking of surviving a storm: the appearance of Nokk the Water Horse is another noteworthy event in the trailer. In actual Norwegian lore, Nokk functions like a Greek siren, luring people to their deaths. However, the Nokk in Frozen 2 feels like a creature of good and could appear to Elsa to give her visions of how to find her parents. This would be even more intriguing if it's revealed Nokk appeared to Agnarr and Iduna during the storm and guided them to safety; if so, Nokk could lead Elsa and Anna to the place their parents have taken refuge.

A particularly arresting moment in the trailer could also serve as proof Agnarr and Iduna are alive or that they have the answers Elsa needs about her powers. In the trailer, there is a brief shot of a woman looking out a window up at the night sky. The woman bears a striking resemblance to Iduna, most notably because she's a brunette and her hair is styled exactly like Iduna's in Frozen. If that is Iduna, then this shot could be from the present, confirming she and Agnarr are alive and have made a home somewhere. Or, it could be from a flashback, in which case that flashback might provide vital clues to Anna and Elsa about what steps they need to take in order to find their parents.

Maybe the most blatant hint that a big part of Frozen 2's story will be about Anna and Elsa finding their parents ties back to Pabbie the Troll (Ciaran Hinds). About halfway through the trailer, Pabbie tells Elsa "the past is not what it seems. You must find the truth," and proceeds to tell her to go north "across the Enchanted Lands." The urgency in Pabbie's voice, as well as the cryptic reference to the past, contribute to the notion Pabbie knows Agnarr and Iduna are alive and their daughters must go searching for them.

Are Elsa's Parents Linked To Her Powers?

Anna and Elsa's search for their parents' ties to the second big part of the story: the origins of Elsa's powers. It seems there is trouble coming to Arendelle and Elsa is the only one powerful enough to stop it but she is still struggling to understand her powers. Uncovering the true origins of those powers and why she has them would certainly help in giving her the confidence she needs to wield them properly. And unfortunately, it seems like the two people who know the most about Elsa's powers and where they come from, her parents, are very much MIA.

As previously mentioned, Anna and Elsa finding Agnarr and Iduna very much alive and not the victims of a shipwreck would be key to figuring out Elsa's powers. In Frozen, there were implications Agnarr and Iduna have always known how to handle someone who has been born with powers like Elsa's. Agnarr immediately knowing which book to search for in a rarely-visited corner of the royal library that happened to contain specific references to those struck down by someone's icy powers is certainly telling but it's also his calm, measured decision to give Elsa gloves to wear to keep her powers at bay again implies he has always known what to do with someone who exhibits these powers.

Agnarr and, by association, Iduna's calm, understanding reaction to the early manifestations of Elsa's powers in those early Frozen scenes further implies they've known this ability is somehow passed down in their bloodline or it may be tied to a curse on their family of some kind (or perhaps both of these things are related). Either way, Agnarr and Iduna seem to have known being born with powers like Elsa's was a possibility. This leads to the conclusion that in addition to finding their parents in Frozen 2, Anna and Elsa are going to find out why Elsa was born with these powers.

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