Frozen 2's Story Answers Why Elsa Has Powers & Where Their Parents Went

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New details on Frozen 2's story confirm the film will answer why Elsa has powers and what happened to her and Anna's parents. Disney's animation department is responsible for one of the breakout hits of the last decade. Frozen hit theaters in the winter of 2013 and through a great group of characters and memorable songs, the movie became a sensation. The soundtrack topped music charts and propelled the movie to over $1.2 billion at the box office.

Unsurprisingly, a sequel was announced to take audiences back to Arendelle and continue the adventures of Anna (Kristen Bell) and Elsa (Idina Menzel). Frozen 2 is co-directed by Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee - the new CCO of Walt Disney Animation Studios - and has been heavily promoted by Disney throughout the year. Two trailers have been released so far, each providing a bit more insight into the story, but not revealing everything.

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As part of the Disney movie panel at D23 2019, Buck and Lee took to the stage to discuss what fans can expect from Frozen 2. In addition to showing off one of the film's new songs, they also revealed the ideas behind the story. The early conversations revolved around questions about why Elsa (and not Anna) has powers and where their parents were going when they presumably died in a shipwreck. These topics gave them a launching point for the sequel, which Buck says builds off the first movie to "tell one complete story."

Frozen 2 Elsa Anna Parents Alive

Elsa's powers and the destination of her parents were two of the burning questions audiences were left with back in 2013. Using them as the basis for Frozen 2's story will not only help make the sequel feel needed but could also add more context to what happens in the first film. There have previously been theories that the reason why Elsa has powers is that her mother did too. That would make for an easy explanation, while others have theorized that she could be one of four powered princesses, with each possessing powers of a different season.

The parents have been another prolific topic of conversation with Frozen and its sequel. Previously reported plot details stated that Frozen 2 dealt with Anna and Elsa trying to find out what happened to their parents, and that has now been confirmed through these details. There is a new fall-themed location that is featured heavily throughout the marketing, so that could be where the parents were going. The bigger question could be why they were going to this new location. Anna and Elsa will likely find the answer to that as well during Frozen 2. But, these are just the story points we know of so far, and there could be a few more surprises along the way.

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