Frozen 2 Gets a 2019 Release Date

After several years of waiting for Disney to announce their plans, the highly-anticipated Frozen 2 is hitting theaters in November 2019.

Walt Disney Animation Studios has now set an official release date for Frozen 2. The original Frozen hit theaters in 2013, becoming an instant classic amongst both diehard Disney fans and casual moviegoers alike. Frozen went on to become not only Disney's highest-grossing animated film but also the highest-grossing animated movie of all time - period. Subsequently, the film's soundtrack garnered constant radio play following its release, and won an Academy Award during its respective year (in addition to the movie snagging the Best Animated Feature Oscar), for the song "Let It Go".

Predictably, fans of the first film have been anxiously awaiting any and all news regarding the highly-anticipated Frozen 2 ever since, with Disney playing coy about the film's release date and storyline, even after announcing that a Frozen sequel is in the works. But as of today, it looks like fans can officially mark their calendars for their return trip to Arendelle.

Indeed, Elsa and Anna will be making their return to the silver screen on November 27th, 2019, Disney has officially announced. While details about the film remain shrouded in secrecy for the time being, most of the original Frozen original cast members are expected to return, including Idina Menzel, Kristen Bell, Josh Gad, and more. In addition to the original cast members, Frozen directors, Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck, are expected to return at the helm of the sequel.  This news comes as the latest in several other major release date announcements from the studio, along with updates on the release of Star Wars: Episode IX and Indiana Jones 5.

Disney Frozen Josh Gad as Olaf

Now, not much is known about the plot of Frozen 2, with the filmmakers and cast members all remaining collectively tight-lipped about it so far. Kristen Bell did praise the story of Frozen 2 last year, however, and it’ll be interesting to see how and when exactly the sequel picks up in relation to the first film - which ended with Elsa (Menzel) as Queen of Arendelle once again, and Anna and Kristoff (Jonathan Groff) at the beginning of what looked to be a promising relationship.

The last time audiences caught up with the characters was in the 2015 short, Frozen Fever, which revolved primarily around Elsa trying to overcome her icy powers and give Anna the best birthday party she could, with the help of Kristoff. Unsurprisingly too, it didn't offer much in terms of details regarding the rest of the characters' lives, other than that they appeared to be happy and functioning fairly well again. With over two years still to go now until the sequel hits theaters, though, Disney still has more than enough time to tell fans what it is they can expect from the new Frozen film.

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Source: Disney

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