Frozen 2 Plot Details Suggest Anna & Elsa’s Personal Mission

A new report may finally shed light on the mysterious plot of Disney's Frozen 2 - why exactly have Anna and Elsa left Arendelle behind?

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The plot of Disney's Frozen 2 is a closely-guarded secret - but a new report potentially explains why Elsa and Anna leave Arendelle. The first Frozen film released back in 2013, and took the world by storm. Elsa's iconic song cemented itself in popular culture, and it didn't take Disney long to commit to a sequel. To their credit, they've spent several years crafting Frozen 2 rather than rushing it out, but it's finally due out later this year.

The first trailer for the sequel proved that the Frozen brand is still strong; it generated 116.4 million views during its first 24 hours online, setting an all-time record for an animated movie. But while the trailer gave excited viewers their first glimpse of an older Anna and Elsa, it deliberately avoided dropping any major plot hints. It was clear the stars were going on a quest beyond the confines of Arendelle, but it was impossible to say just why they'd left their nation without its queen.

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A new report by Jim Hill and Drew Taylor may explain the reason for this quest. According to Taylor, the plot of the film is about Anna and Elsa trying to find out just what happened to their parents. Hill suggested there's a subtle clue in the opening scenes of the Frozen 2 trailer, which sees Elsa attempting to use her powers to cross a stormy sea. As he pointed out, there's a visual parallel between these waves and the shipwreck scene in the first Frozen film; he claimed it's intended as a smart way of signposting the plot without making anything too explicit.

It's important to note that, so far, this is only one report; however, interestingly, there's already been speculation that Frozen 2 could somehow feature the sisters' parents. The trailer gave viewers a brief glimpse of two new characters; an auburn-haired woman in the forest displaying some form of telekinetic power, and a regally-dressed, blond-haired man she sweeps up in some leaves he appears to be hiding under. It's been suggested that this is a flashback scene, and that the two characters are actually Anna and Elsa's parents; if that theory is accurate, then presumably Elsa inherited mystical abilities from her mother. It's even possible her mother's powers allowed her to survive the shipwreck, although it's difficult to guess why she's been away from Arendelle all this time.

Right now, this is only a report, so it's best to take it with a pinch of salt. At the same time, though, it definitely fits with the themes and characters of the Frozen franchise, so it's entirely possible Hill and Taylor are correct. Hopefully Frozen 2's inevitable second trailer drops a few more story details.

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Source: The Jim Hill Media Podcast Network

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