Frozen 2: Josh Gad Starts Recording, Says Story is 'Worth the Wait'

Disney Frozen Josh Gad as Olaf

Josh Gad has officially begun recording work on Frozen 2 this week. After being eclipsed by Pixar for over a decade, the first Frozen provided a full-fledged comeback for Disney Animation Studios in 2013 that not many could have seen coming. A fairytale musical done in the same style as some of the most beloved Disney Animated classics, Frozen was a bonafide hit from the moment it first hit theaters. And that's why it came as a little-to-no surprise when Disney Animation later announced that they were beginning work on a sequel to Frozenwith most of the film's original creative team also set to return.

However, despite Frozen 2 being in development for several years now, there has been very little actual news or details released from the film since then. That was until several months ago anyway, when Disney finally set a release date for Frozen 2 in 2019, with Jonathan Groff revealing that he would be returning to start recording lines as Kristoff in the film sometime near the end of summer.

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It looks like Groff isn't the only cast member who's begun work on the sequel. Taking to Twitter earlier this week, Josh Gad revealed that he has officially begun recording lines for Frozen 2, where he will be reprising his role as Olaf the snowman. In addition, the actor promised a story for the sequel that he thinks fans will feel was "worth the wait" when it hits theaters in 2019. You can check out the tweet for yourself down below:

It’s such a joy 2 back in the booth after this journey began 5 long years ago. The creative team has come up with a story worth the wait #F2

— Josh Gad (@joshgad) September 28, 2017

Gad is not the only Frozen 2 cast member to praise the sequel's story, with Kristen Bell echoing a similar statement early last year. So while very little details about the sequel's story are known as of right now, the film appears to have impressed its stars at the very least. And considering the immense expectations that Frozen 2 will have to live up to, the positive early buzz from those involved should come as a minor comfort to fans who might be skeptical of the sequel.

In the meantime, fans won't have to go the entirety of the next two years before getting to see more from the Frozen characters. In fact, Disney Animation is planning on releasing a brand new Frozen short film, Olaf's Frozen Adventure, before the theatrical showings of Pixar's Coco later this year. And it'll be interesting to see how, if at all, that short offers a glimpse into the main characters' evolution since the first film, in preparation of audiences getting to spend some real time with them again in 2019.

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