Frozen 2 Theory: Bruni Is The Secret Fire Spirit

Frozen 2 introduces several new characters into Anna and Elsa's world, and one of them is Bruni, who just might be the fire demon in the film. It's been six years since the first Frozen movie hit theaters and blew away Disney fans around the world. It became such an enormous hit that the studio greenlit a follow-up short film and then later a full-fledged sequel, despite not being in the habit of doing the latter.

And now, taking place three years after the events of the first movie, Frozen 2 sees Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, Sven, and Olaf embark on a new journey to the north of Arendelle, to the Enchanted Forest. When Anna and Elsa were children, their father, King Agnarr, told them a story about the Enchanted Forest - a land filled with magic that seemingly banished everyone inside and barred anyone from entering ever again.

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But several years later, Elsa begins to hear a mysterious voice call out to her from the Enchanted Forest. And when she engages with this voice, the elements - earth, air, fire, and water - start to rage and/or be taken away entirely. So to save Arendelle (and, presumably, the world), they have to go to the Enchanted Forest to confront whoever's voice Elsa's hearing and essentially restore the elements. Of course, they meet quite a few people along the way, such as Bruni.

Frozen 2's Magical Spirits Explained

Part of Frozen 2's efforts to expand Anna and Elsa's world, the writers and producers have filled the Enchanted Forest with magical spirits, each of them based on one of the natural elements. Earth giants represent the forest's earth element, and they are essentially massive, rock-based versions of the Big Hero 6 character Baymax. Instead of the rocks bending or stretching, though, the earth giants' rocks slide and move side-to-side.

While there are several earth giants in Frozen 2, there's only one water spirit. Called the Nokk, the magical water spirit is a shape-shifting creature and warrior that has chosen to take the form of a horse; it's also a dedicated protector of the Dark Sea, which is where Elsa encounters the Nokk in the Frozen 2 trailers. The Nokk is derived from Scandinavian folklore about a magic horse in the region.

For air, the wind spirit in the Enchanted Forest is named Gale. She's a unique character in Frozen 2 since she technically doesn't have a face. But despite that fact, she certainly managed to conjure up a unique personality. Gale does this by interacting with the characters using the wind as a device and using the debris - leaves, foliage, etc. - scattered throughout the forest to make a somewhat faux face.

Why Frozen 2's Fire Character Is Still A Mystery

Elsa and Anna enter the Enchanted Forest in Frozen 2

So far, Disney Animation and the creative team behind Frozen 2 have only revealed three of the four magic spirits in the Enchanted Forest. The only element remaining is fire, and the fire spirit is likely to stay a mystery until the sequel releases in theaters. A primary reason for this is because the identity of the fire spirit is meant to be a plot point along with the fire element itself.

Given the fact that Elsa is the Snow Queen (though she's far and away different from the evil version told in Hans Christian Anderson's tale), she has powers that represent ice and snow. So the fire spirit/demon in Frozen 2 would, of course, be the opposite of her. Taking that into account, as well as the fact that Anna is meant to be the polar opposite of her sister, many fans believe that she is the fire spirit.

Considering that the first Frozen delivered a sizeable character twist midway through the film, it stands to reason that Frozen 2 would do the same - and nothing would be more shocking than Elsa' sister being her greatest weakness (or enemy). But while Anna may very well have ties to the fire spirit, which would be complemented by her attire (something that figures directly into Frozen 2's storytelling through design concept), it's highly unlikely she's the fire spirit. Instead, it might be someone (or something) else.

Theory: Bruni Is The Fire Spirit

Elsa and Bruni in Frozen 2

One of Frozen 2's many new characters is Bruni, a small, quick salamander who lives in the Enchanted Forest and has taken a liking to the snowflakes that Elsa makes with her ice powers. Although Bruni was only been glimpsed in the second Frozen 2 trailer, he's supposed to have somewhat of a pivotal role in the story, which is why he shows up in Elsa's ice visions that are created when she engages with the mysterious voice in the "Into the Unknown" sequence.

Given the secrecy surrounding Bruni in the lead-up to Frozen 2, as well as various other pieces of evidence, it's theoretically possible that Bruni is the fire spirit/demon in the film. The big thing here is that he's a salamander. Frozen 2 writer-director Jennifer Lee and director Chris Buck have heavily emphasized that the sequel deals with the concepts of fairy tales and myths from the Nordic region. And salamanders have integral roles in those stories.

When it comes to biblical and mythological stories, the archangel Michael is typically associated with fire just as salamanders are associated with fire elementals - and that much is evident in Nordic folklore. Furthermore, Bruni bears similar markings that the real-life fire salamander has (despite the fact that the art and animation teams at Disney specifically tried to make Bruni "as cute as possible"). And although Bruni isn't a one-to-one anagram for the word burn, it is quite close - but that might not have been entirely intentional.

The fact is, making Bruni the fire elemental spirit isn't far-fetched; it's something that Disney has done before with other seemingly friendly characters turning into gigantic demons or creatures, and the team behind Frozen 2 is trying to push the boundary with the new film as they did with the first one. Seeing as Elsa has the tendency to run into fire in the Frozen 2 trailers and is seen chasing something quite small in the fire (shown to press in behind the scenes footage), it's certainly possible Bruni is that something - and is the fire spirit.

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