Frozen 2: Evan Rachel Wood is Anna & Elsa's Mother, Sterling K. Brown Joins Cast

Evan Rachel Wood and Sterling K. Brown are joining the already impressive cast of Frozen 2. The film is directed by Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee, who's the new CCO of Walt Disney Animation Studios, and has already garnered a massive amount of buzz. The first film, Frozen, hit theaters in the cold winter months of 2013 and skyrocketed to become one of Disney animation's biggest hits. The film earned a whopping $1.2 billion at the box office and its soundtrack topped music charts for weeks on end. Because of all these successes, there was no doubt that a sequel would be in store for fans, and the two filmmakers have been dropping peeks throughout the year at what's in store with the dazzling follow-up

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Now, among Disney's stacked slate of content from their D23 Expo this weekend, fans have finally gotten to see more from the highly-anticipated sequel. Footage that was showcased during their panel introduced a brand new song titled "Into the Unknown", which is another Idina Menzel-led ballad that's been described as Frozen 2's answer to "Let it Go". The film's directors also took to sharing more plot details and what exactly fans can expect from the movie. Mainly that the plot will explore why Elsa has powers and what happened to her and Anna's parents. Among these exciting new details, some fresh faces were also introduced to the cast.

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Buck and Lee announced at this year's D23 Expo that Evan Rachel Wood had joined the cast as Anna and Elsa's mother, Queen Iduna, and Sterling K. Brown had been cast as a character named Lieutenant Matthias. Queen Iduna is set to make an appearance in a flashback scene, but it's still unknown as to how big of a role Brown's Lieutenant Matthias will have in the film. Considering that the storyline will explore what happened with their parents, he could have a connection to them.

Frozen 2 Anna and Elsas Mother

One of the most notable parts of Frozen 2's marketing has been the location. The pastel color palette mixed with the vibrant hues of the fall season has diverged from the movie's usual cool colors that heavily symbolized winter and Elsa's powers. This new location could be where Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, and Sven head to find the source of Elsa's powers, which could coincide with a theory that there are multiple princesses that represent each season. Or, this new location could be where Anna and Elsa's parents were heading on the boat from the beginning of the first film. Unfortunately, only time will tell at this point.

If there's one thing that's for certain, and as evident by its trailerFrozen 2 is sure to be a grandiose adventure for Walt Disney Animation. So far, the marketing has showcased a vast, beautiful landscape that these characters will be exploring, and the plot details that were shared by the directors already highlights an interesting story. It's nice to see that they're creating a sequel that'll help fill in the gaps from its predecessor. Not only that, but having two powerhouse actors such as Evan Rachel Wood and Sterling K. Brown join the cast proves that Frozen 2 is sure to be another sensational hit for Disney.

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