Frozen 2 Rumor: Elsa Will Get A Female Love Interest

Elsa is rumored to receive a female love interest in Frozen 2. No matter how someone determines if a film was successful, Frozen proved to be a massive hit. The original animated tale from Walt Disney Animation grossed over $1.2 billion at the box office, making it the highest grossing animated movie of all-time. Critically, the movie from directors Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee was highly regarded. It even performed well in awards season as it claimed the Best Animated Feature Film Oscar for 2013 movies, while the global musical hit "Let It Go" won an Oscar and propelled the soundtrack to become one of the year's best-selling albums.

All of this success made it easy for Disney to announce Frozen 2 is on the way. The movie will see the return of Kristen Bell to voice Anna, Idina Menzel as Elsa, and Josh Gad as Olaf. There isn't much known about what adventure awaits these characters, but they're likely to have grown and matured since audiences last saw them. When it comes to Elsa specifically, the sequel may just give her a girlfriend.

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Revenge of the Fans reports Disney and directors Buck and Lee may make Elsa a lesbian or bisexual character in Frozen 2 and introduce her female love interest. This is not yet confirmed by Disney, and should be taken with a grain of salt as a result. The interest in revealing Elsa as a lesbian has come from the #GiveElsaAGirlfriend online campaign, and if this report is true, it looks like this could be a rare fan movement to actually come to fruition.

Menzel previously supported the idea of giving Elsa a girlfriend in Frozen 2, but she said that was Disney's call to make. Lee was asked about this possibility earlier this year but wouldn't say anything definitively. She instead left it open-ended by saying, "We’ll see where we go.” Lee has since been promoted to Chief Content Officer of Walt Disney Animation, so she has one less person to go through to get this idea approved.

However, this is still Disney we are talking about. There's been plenty of instances where they "included" a LGBTQ character in one of their films, but not to the degree many would expect. Josh Gad's LeFou was the center of controversy for Beauty and the Beast after director Bill Condon revealed LeFou is gay in the movie. This started boycotts and some backlash from more conservative and traditional fans, but then the movie came out and you wouldn't even know LeFou was gay. Tessa Thompson also viewed Valkyrie as bisexual in Thor: Ragnarok, but a scene implying a romance between her and another woman was not included. This isn't to say Elsa won't have a girlfriend, though any major showing of romance does appear to be unlikely given Disney's history. But, maybe Frozen 2 will be the beginning of a new approach.

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Source: Revenge of the Fans

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