10 Fan Theories About Frozen 2 We Hope Aren't True

Olaf in Frozen 2 Enchanted Forest

As a long-awaited sequel to the popular first film released in 2013, Frozen 2 has naturally garnered a number of fan theories over the years. Fan theories are generally a mixed bag, with some offering up promising ideas while others seem like massive leaps.

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The theories surrounding Frozen 2 are no exception. Many of the less promising theories relate to major connections with other Disney films, retconning established characters to make it seem as though they were evil all along, and bringing back villains who already served their purpose.

Sing "Let It Go" as we explore 10 Fan Theories About Frozen 2 We Hope Aren't True.

10 Anna and Kristoff's Child

When fans spotted a mysterious girl in one of the trailers, many theorized the character was a child of Anna and Kristoff's. It's important to remember that by the end of Frozen, Anna and Kristoff had only known each other for a few days. A few years will have passed by the beginning of Frozen 2, but it still seems like Anna and Kristoff's relationship needs to grow further before they become parents. Besides, the mysterious girl in the trailer looks far too old to be their child if only a few years have passed between the two films.

9 Confirmation Of The Tarzan Theory

Tarzan Disney Frozen Theory

The Tarzan theory is that the shipwrecked parents at the beginning of Tarzan are actually Queen Iduna and King Agnarr after their ship capsized. The theory also includes Tarzan being a secret brother to Elsa and Anna. It's fun to see such connectivity between such seemingly different Disney films, but the popular theory just seems like a massive reach. No matter what they do with Elsa and Anna's parents in Frozen 2, Tarzan should be left out of it. Let Frozen 2 be its own thing and tell its own story, one that doesn't have to do with Tarzan.

8 The Trolls Are Evil

Some fans found the trolls to be rather lovable, though others have insisted that the trolls are actually evil. The cryptic advice they gave Queen Iduna and King Agnarr about young Elsa and her burgeoning powers arguably did a lot more harm than help. Certain fans believe this was intentional as the trolls meant to make things worse for Elsa and her family. There's also the matter of how they took Kristoff and Sven in without giving them a say, which some have likened to kidnapping. The trolls sending Elsa and company off on their journey in Frozen 2 could be the product of corrupt motivations, but it's highly unlikely that Disney will demonize these eccentric and well-liked characters, especially considering how it would seriously darken Kristoff's past.

7 The Return Of Hans

Certain Frozen fans believe we haven't seen the last of Hans and that he will return in the sequel. The automatic assumption is that he'll be a villain again, though there are some who believe he'll return a changed man who will actually help save Arendelle this time.

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Whether it's returning as a villain or as a hero, the idea of Hans making a comeback isn't promising. His character worked well in Frozen, but he's been used enough at this point. Without magical powers, he's not worthy to be a villain in this story and he went down too far of an evil path to earn redemption.

6 Kristoff Is Santa Claus

Kristoff is a cheery guy whose best friend is a reindeer. He sometimes drives a sleigh, was raised by mystical creatures, loves the cold and snow, and his name is similar to Kris Kringle. This is enough evidence for some fans to believe that Kristoff will become Santa Claus, which could serve as a potential plot point in Frozen 2. It has more evidence than some other theories, but it still seems rather far-fetched. With everything Frozen 2 has to tackle, it seems quite unlikely and distracting to shoehorn in an origin story for Santa Claus as well. Despite all the elements of Winter in the story, the world of Frozen isn't supposed to be a Christmas story either.

5 The King And Queen Were Traveling To Rapunzel's Wedding

Frozen Easter Egg Flynn Rapunzel Tangled

Rapunzel and Flynn from Tangled made brief cameos in Frozen. What was likely meant as simply a fun little Easter Egg has become the heart of many fan theories, one of which is that Elsa and Anna's parents were on their way to Rapunzel and Flynn's wedding when their ship was engulfed by a terrible storm. Confirmation of this theory wouldn't really enhance the story and would only serve to satisfy fans who had the theory in the first place. Where King Agnarr and Queen Iduna were headed should have greater significance to the world of Frozen and not just as proof that Tangled and Frozen are somewhat connected.

4 Lieutenant Matthias Is The Villain

One of the film's new characters is Lieutenant Matthias, who is voiced by the popular actor Sterling K. Brown. It has been confirmed that Matthias once served Arendelle, but he has been trapped in the Enchanted Forest for thirty years, ever since the fierce battle broke out there that King Agnarr refers to in the flashback from the trailer. Matthias is also confirmed to have known Elsa and Anna's grandfather when he was king. An old family friend who seems trustworthy and has answers--but is actually a villain--seems too obvious. Hopefully, Frozen 2 will do something more interesting with Matthias.

3 The Duke Of Weselton's Revenge

Hans was the main villain of Frozen, with the Duke of Weselton acting as a secondary antagonist. The last time fans saw him he was thrown into the water and trade was severed between Arendelle and Weselton. It's possible that the bitter character could return and seek revenge against Arendelle, but it's not a theory that we want to see pan out. Frozen 2 looks to be even more magic-centric than the first film, which would make the Duke of Weselton an odd choice for an antagonist. His ridiculous antics also make him an antagonist that is sometimes hard to take seriously, especially if he is thrust to the forefront of the film. The Duke played an important role in Frozen, yet it's best to leave him out of the sequel.

2 The King And Queen Wanted To Turn Elsa Into A Weapon

Frozen Movie Mistakes Shackles

Some fans feel that Queen Iduna and King Agnarr dealt with Elsa's powers quite poorly and actually made things far worse. There are those that take this idea a step further and assert Elsa's parents wanted to turn her into a weapon and that is why how they handled her gift so questionably. One of the main pieces of evidence behind this theory is that Hans had shackles ready to go in the castle to imprison Elsa and restrain her powers. Hans didn't exactly have time to create these shackles, leading some to believe Queen Iduna and King Agnarr created them long ago to contain Elsa, until using her as a weapon against their enemies. Elsa's parents certainly made some questionable choices, but it seems like too much of a leap to go in this direction.

1 A Love Interest For Olaf

If audiences thought summer was too hot for Olaf, just wait until he gets his own love interest. The identity of his potential partner is up for debate, the obvious being another sentient snow person, with others going bolder with their theories and predicting it will be a human or troll. Olaf provides comic relief, but him going down the road of romance really doesn't seem like that appealing or necessary of a path for the film to take. It's clear there's already a lot going on in this film, and a love story for Olaf doesn't seem worthy of making the cut.

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