Frozen 2 Wants To Answer Disney's Most Important Question

Elsa and Anna enter the Enchanted Forest in Frozen 2

Frozen 2 wants to answer Disney's most important question. The upcoming film from Walt Disney Animation Studios is a sequel to the 2013 hit Frozenwhich was loosely based on Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale The Snow Queen. Set three years after its predecessorFrozen 2 is an expansion of the first film's story. Similar to Frozen, though, the plot is centered on Anna and Elsa --  along with their friends Kristoff, Olaf, and Sven -- as they venture into a new world to answer questions left over from the first movie.

The highly-anticipated follow-up will see the return of Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel to voice Anna and Elsa, respectively. Jonathan Groff is also returning as Kristoff, along with Josh Gad as the lovable snowman Olaf. As far as new cast members go, Evan Rachel Wood joined the cast as Elsa and Anna's mother, while Sterling K. Brown joined as a new character named Lieutenant Matthias. Although it's clear what Woods' role will be, Brown's character was an interesting addition that left many wondering what his connection was to Anna and Elsa. Thankfully, Frozen 2's second trailer answered many character questions while also offering up more details about the film's plot. Now, the film's directors have opened up even more about the upcoming film and what to expect from the story.

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During a Frozen 2 press day at Walt Disney Animation Studios, the movie's co-director, Chris Buck, spoke about what questions will be explored in the film's plot. Though many of these story details were already known, one part, in particular, stood out. His final question pointed out that they are also aiming to answer one of Disney's biggest questions.

And there were still a lot of questions from the first film that were unanswered, and one of them was why does Elsa have icy powers? How have they grown since Anna saved Elsa’s life? Why was Anna born the way she was? Where were the parents going when their ship went down? And is there really such a thing as happily ever after?

Elsa and Bruni in Frozen 2

The "happily ever after" has always been Disney's go-to ending, so it's interesting that Buck ended with that. Considering that Frozen 2 will focus on what happened to Anna and Elsa's family, along with where Elsa's powers came from, it's very likely that the film will be rooted in reality with its narrative. Obviously, the film is filled with magic and music for everyone to enjoy, but it could very well have a far more grounded and deeper story than what many would suspect from a Walt Disney Animation film.

The first Frozen also played off the "happily ever after" trope, especially in the very beginning when Anna and Hans sang an entire song about wanting to get married after just meeting each other. That's part of what made that film so successful was how it avoided these tropes that Disney is known for and instead focused on the powerful bond that these sisters share. With this in mind, Buck's comment could very well be pointing to how they approached the first movie's plot, and that they strive to tell the story in a similar fashion. If it proved to be a success last time, it makes sense why they'd take that approach again.

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