Frontier Trailer: Jason Momoa Battles the British Empire

Frontier - Jason Momoa

Jason Momoa fans will get to see a whole lot of their favorite tall, strapping actor in 2017. Just in this year alone, Momoa is set to star as a logger defending his family against drug runners in Braven, a gang leader named Spider opposite Bruce Willis in the action/comedy Once Upon a Time in Venice and of course a fellow named Aquaman in a little movie called Justice League. In 2018 Momoa gets a shot as Aquaman in a standalone movie, and somewhere down the line he might even get to do that Crow reboot (though considering the twists and turns in that movie's development, it's best to not hold your breath for that one).

If you can't wait until those movies come out to get your Jason Momoa fix, Netflix is set to give audiences a taste of the star beginning in January, with the TV series Frontier. Momoa's role in this upcoming show gives him a chance to kick some serious tail. British tail, to be precise.

In Frontier, set deep in the Canadian wilderness in the 1700s, Momoa plays Declan Harp, a half-Irish, half-Native outlaw doing battle against evil British fur traders. As the trailer from Netflix U.S. and Canada shows, Momoa is his usual smoldering, violent self in Frontier, which should make his fans very happy. Who wants Jason Momoa playing a meek hairdresser?

Frontier - Jason Momoa

Frontier was shot in 4K and was first available in Canada via Discovery Canada. So Canadian viewers have already gotten a chance to see Jason Momoa vs. 18th Century fur traders. The trailer definitely gives you a sense of the show's frontier setting, and the action looks pretty intense and bloody.

Momoa of course is no stranger to bloody and intense action, having played Khal Drogo on Game of Thrones (back during the show's first season) and starred in the Conan the Barbarian movie released in 2011. Frontier runs for six episodes and also stars Sons of Anarchy's Zoe Boyle and, in the role of villainous Lord Benton, the always-enjoyable Alun Armstrong, who Penny Dreadful fans will remember for his role on that Showtime TV series as Vincent Brand.

Frontier is the first scripted series ever ordered by Discovery Canada and is set to make its U.S. debut on Netflix on January 20, 2017. The show has already reportedly been renewed for a second season, ahead of its bow on the popular streaming service.

Source: Netflix U.S. and Canada

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