Jason Momoa's Frontier Gets Season 3 Order from Netflix

Jason Momoa in Frontier

Jason Momoa is putting down his trident for the moment and donning his tomahawk and illegally obtained pelts as fur-trapper Declan Harp in a third season of Frontier on Netflix. The series was just renewed on the streaming platform today, which will return for six episodes in 2018.

Frontier debuted on Netflix last year, and received an early renewal for season two shortly before the first season aired. The series, which airs on Discovery Canada before coming to Netflix, is a period-piece drama about the Hudson Bay Company's monopoly on fur trade in Canada. Momoa has in the past talked about his excitement for continuing the series, even saying he's hoping for up to four seasons. Let's hope he continues to get his wish.

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In the show, Declan Harp is an Irish-Native American outlaw who's trying to break into the fur trade by any means possible, while navigating the fighting between the Scots, English, Irish and French over land and fur possession. This was a pretty chaotic time for this part of the world as many different cultures fought over business and property during the height of the beaver pelt trade. Surprise surprise, he's also out on a personal vendetta against the people who murdered his family.

While season 1 didn't receive rave reviews, season 2 returned with more of what really works for the show: more of Jason Momoa. He brings an intensity and ferocity that is super compelling to watch, and honestly, a lot of fun. Assuming season 3 uses as much, if not more of Declan Harp, it should be set on the right track.

On top of a winning performance from Momoa, the show gives a ton of screen time to the stories of indigenous people from that time period, often portrayed by Native American actors. For instance, Jessica Matten, who stars as the Native American tracker Sokanon, is part-Métis, part-Saulteaux-Cree, both of which are members of people of the First Nations. Alan Hawco, actor and executive producer for the series, talked to Huffington Post Canada about the show's diversity saying, "Twenty years ago it'd be a white person's show. It'd be the trials and tribulations of the Europeans."

Frontier will return to Netflix in 2018.

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