'From Paris with Love' Red Band Trailer

John Travolta: the name used to be synonymous with dancing, bad accents, Scientology, and mediocre films. Then Pulp Fiction came out and reminded everyone in Hollywood that he's actually a pretty good leading man. Often times he plays such an intriguing bad guy, that one can't help but enjoy his performance, whether you want to or not.  Arguably, he was the best part about Face/Off, Primary Colors, A Civil Action, The General's Daughter, Swordfish and even the ridiculous Battlefield Earth.

After this summer's mild hit The Taking of Pelham 123, Travolta will channel his best Denzel Washington from Training Day in Pierre Morel's latest action flick From Paris with Love.  Co-starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers (The Tudors, August Rush) as an embassy worker who gets paired up with Detective Wax (Travolta) in Paris, the two seem to work together on a French drug deal - or are they?

If you go to other movie sites you can find out what they are really working on but I consider that twist to be SPOILER, and personally wish that I didn't already know.  Watch the unofficial trailer below (thanks to /Film for nabbing it!) and you'll see something greater happening in the story besides drugs without the twist being spoiled for you:


Morel had the most unexpected hit of 2009 when the action film Taken came out of nowhere to rake in $224 million on a $25 million budget. His previous directing attempt District 13, although entirely in French, was a fun, high-energy thriller and has probably the best free running scene of all time. From Paris with Love looks to be on par with those films. However, it was annoying to hear Richard Stevens (John Rhys Meyers) say the name Wax over and over. It would also appear script writers, Luc Besson (Transporter 2) and Adi Hasak, have one particular word they like to use over and over that I can't mention on a family-friendly site.

From Paris with Love is being produced by Europacorp studios and so far they have been pretty dependable about releasing enjoyable action films, such as Taken, District 13 and Danny the Dog. The trailer does look intense and should be a good film to catch in the cold month of February when it debuts. If it does well - as I expect it to - then keep an eye out for more Pierre Morel directed action features including Universal's Pursuit, Taken 2 and a yet to be named project.

Did you like the trailer for From Paris with Love and will you see the film next year?

From Paris with Love opens in theaters February 5, 2010.

Source: /Film

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