Fringe: Where Are They Now?


Created by J.J. Abrams, Alex Kurtzman, and Roberto Orci, the sci-fi series Fringe premiered on Fox in 2008 and finished its 100-episode run in 2013. At first, met with lukewarm critical reception, Fringe gradually gained the critics' approval. Though it never reached the fame of other prominent sci-fi shows like The X-Files and Lost, Fringe developed a cult following despite its move to the so-called "Friday night death slot" and low ratings.

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The show generated two comic book series, an alternate reality game, three novels, and received numerous nominations for many major awards. The critics praised the show's overarching storytelling and emotional core, as well as performances from the main cast. It's been six years since Fringe went off the air and it's high time we check up on the cast.

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Kirk Acevedo Arrow Fringe
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Kirk Acevedo Arrow Fringe

Kirk Acevedo portrayed Special Agent Charlie Francis, a close friend of Olivia Dunham who often cooperated with the Fringe Division on their bizarre cases. In season two, Charlie was killed by a shapeshifter who wanted to use Charlie to infiltrate the FBI. Following his departure from the show, Acevedo appeared on a number of TV shows.

Currently, Kirk Acevedo can be seen on The CW’s DC comics’ show Arrow as Ricardo Diaz. In season seven, Diaz was a major crime lord in Star City and served as the main villain. Other than Arrow, Acevedo recently starred on Syfy’s 12 Monkeys, a four-season time travel series that sadly doesn't get the recognition it deserves.


Sebastian Roché The Man in the High Castle Fringe

On Fringe, Sebastian Roche portrayed Thomas Jerome Newton, the leader of the shapeshifters, named after David Bowie’s character from The Man Who Fell to Earth. Newton was one of the main villains in season two and three. Most recently, Sebastian Roche appeared on Hulu’s The Man in the High Castle, where he portrayed Reichsminister Martin Heusmann.

The Man in the High Castle is set in an alternate universe, where Nazis won World War II and pretty much conquered the world. The show's fourth and final season is set to premiere in 2019, so if alternate history is your thing now is the perfect time to binge watch The Man in the High Castle.


Lance Reddick American Horror Story Fringe

Lance Reddick portrayed the head of Fringe Division, Special Agent-in-charge Philip Broyles. While Broyles was mostly stoic and no-nonsense, he did display flexibility when dealing with bizarre cases and the even more bizarre scientist Walter Bishop.

Since his days on Fringe, Reddick has been doing TV shows, movies, and even voice acting for video games. His most recent work includes roles in Comedy Central’s Corporate, FX’s American Horror Story, and the critically acclaimed John Wick franchise. He also has a starring role on Amazon’s Bosch, and he provided the voice of Commander Zavala in the Destiny franchise. So yea, he’s a pretty busy guy.


Orange is the New Black Blair Brown Fringe

The executive director and COO of the multi-billion-dollar, omnipresent and somewhat frightening corporation Massive Dynamic, Nina Sharp was portrayed by Blair Brown. Though she wasn’t always forthcoming in her affairs, Nina turned out to be a hero after all and even gave her own life to save the world.

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Following Fringe’s end, Blair Brown appeared on a number of TV shows. She’s had a three-season recurring role on Netflix’s award-winning Orange is the New Black, a recurring role on CBS’s short-lived Limitless, she guest-starred on fellow Fringe co-star, Joshua Jackson’s The Affair, and most recently she appeared on Amazon’s Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan.


Georgina Haig The Crossing Fringe

Fringe season five opened with a massive time skip to the year 2036 where we found Olivia and Peter’s daughter Etta all grown up and fighting the Observers with the Resistance. Portrayed by Georgina Haig, Etta was a spitting image of her mother with all the snark of her father.

Other than Fringe, Haig is best known for her portrayal of Queen Elsa on ABC’s Once Upon a Time. Most recently, however, she appeared on ABC’s short-lived 2018 sci-fi thriller The Crossing– yet another show that tried, and failed, to be the next Lost. If you want to see more of Haig's work, between these two, we'd go with OUAT.


Seth Gabel Genius Fringe

Seth Gabel made his first guest appearance on Fringe in season two as Special Agent Lincoln Lee and became part of the main cast in season four. Gabel received critical acclaim for his portrayal of Lincoln Lee– all four different versions of him.

After Fringe, Gabel had a small role on The CW’s Arrow as the villain Count Vertigo, a leading role in supernatural horror series Salem, and most recently he’s been part of the cast of Genius, an extraordinary National Geographic anthology period drama. The first season followed the life of Albert Einstein, with Gabel as Einstein's close friend Michele Besso.


Jasika Nicole The Good Doctor Fringe

One of the best relationships on Fringe was the friendship between Walter Bishop and Astrid Farnsworth. Astrid, as portrayed by Jasika Nicole, was Walter’s lab assistant, babysitter, and handler. In season four, Nicole portrayed the Alternate Universe Astrid, who is autistic, and based her performance on her real-life sister. Nicole received praise for her portrayal of both versions of the character.

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Most recently, Fringe fans could catch Jasika Nicole on three episodes of NBC’s new medical drama The Good Doctor. Developed by House M.D. creator, David Shore, and Lost star, Daniel Dae Kim, and based on a South Korean series, the show follows Shaun Murphy, an autistic surgical resident.


John Noble Elementary Fringe

John Noble’s portrayal of the mad scientist Dr. Walter Bishop was met with high critical acclaim, winning him a Critics’ Choice Television Award for Best Supporting Actor in Drama Series and a Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actor on Television. After Fringe ended, Noble had no difficulties finding work and has appeared in a number of TV series. Notably, Sleepy Hollow, Elementary, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow and The Blacklist.

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On Elementary, Noble went back to playing the estranged father, this time around to none other than Sherlock Holmes. And on Legends of Tomorrow, Noble voiced the demon Mallus and appeared as himself on the set of The Lord of The Rings.


The Affair Joshua Jackson Fringe

Right after finishing his five-season-run as Peter Bishop on Fringe, Joshua Jackson got a starring role on Showtime’s psychological drama, mystery The Affair. The Golden Globe Award-winning series, which explores the emotional effects and ramifications of extramarital affairs from different perspectives, received critical acclaim for its smart and creative storytelling and was highly praised for its character study achievements.

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Jackson portrays Cole Lockhart, the husband of Allison Lockhart, the waitress having the titular affair with the struggling novelist Noah Solloway. The fifth and final season is scheduled for a 2019 release, so if you’re craving more Joshua Jackson now is the time to check out The Affair.


Mindhunter Anna Torv Fringe

Anna Torv received four Saturn Awards for Best Actress on Television for her portrayal of Special Agent Olivia Dunham on Fringe. Her double duty as Olivia and Fauxlivia was highly praised by the critics and TVLine included it on their list of Best Performances of 2010.

In 2017, Anna Torv returned to the FBI, albeit in a different capacity. On Netflix’s critically acclaimed Mindhunter, Torv plays Dr. Wendy Carr, a psychology professor at Boston University who becomes a member of FBI’s Behavioral Science Unit that conducts interviews with imprisoned serial killers in hopes of understanding their minds and applying that knowledge to solving ongoing cases. Mindhunter is absolutely captivating, with superb direction and performances across the board, and you need to be watching it.

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