Weekly TV Wrap Up - August 13th, 2009

In today's Weekly TV Wrap Up, we're going to talk about Fringe realities, Supernatural & Smallville news & True Blood setting records.

We're then going to touch on some news from Fox's House, and wrap things up with an NCIS tidbit and some more summer time ratings.

Let's get to it, shall we?



Despite the possibility of there being multiple realities, the showrunners for Fringe are only going to torment the viewers with one alternate reality at a time.  Thank god.  I have enough trouble with my own reality as it is!

As they put it, there's "over here" and the alternate reality referred to as "over there," where William Bell (Leonard Nimoy) lives.

The upcoming season will take place mostly "over here," but what occurs "over there" will have a great impact on what happens "over here."  (Did you follow that?)

Leonard Nimoy has already filmed one episode for season 2 and will be making numerous appearances throughout the season.

Fringe returns Sept. 17 at 9 p.m. on Fox.

Source:  TV Guide



I call this when worlds collide!  I know you've all been waiting for this one moment in time, but Paris Hilton is going to guest star on Supernatural.  Crickets...

She'll be playing a demon that takes the form of, all things, Paris Hilton.  I so can't wait for the Winchester brothers to stake her!

Eric Kripke calls it a “... a fun, irreverent episode."  I call it frightening.

The episode, titled “American Idol,” will air on October 8, 2009.

Source:  The CW



According showrunner Brian Peterson, they're backing down from claims made earlier in the off-season that the upcoming 9th season of Smallville will be darker.

After they dropped that bombshell, fans started to get grumpy saying "Superman fans don't do dark." and "Nobody watches a TV show to become depressed."  LOL...  I'm guessing they weren't Battlestar Galactica fans.

Peterson went on to sooth the fanbase by adding that season 9 will not be all gloom and doom and backpedaled saying that Clark will just have some hard decisions to make.

WARNING:  He did warn us that sparks may very well fly between Clark and Lois... and they'll be fighting zombies and ...  well crap, I may have said too much already.  Zombies?  Am I reporting on Supernatural or Smallville?

Source:  EW


True Blood

2 weeks ago, True Blood on HBO hit a record number of estimated viewers, at 4.3 million.  But then last weekend they dusted the record books again and the show brought in an estimated 4.4 million pairs of eyeballs, breaking their own personal best.

It is an awesome, well-written show and I am not surprised that they're pulling in the viewers.

Source:  EW



For you Cameron and Chase fans from House, good news:  They're going to be back in their old jobs and off the sidelines.  Of course, nothing comes easy and with them working side-by-side, that may put some strain on their brand new marriage!

We'll also be seeing Foreman filling in as the top doc while Dr. Gregory House is on "leave," which promises to be a rocky transition for Foreman.

As far as Cuddy and House go, don't be sitting on the edge of your seat waiting for anything to develop anytime soon between them.  Despite the tease of the imaginary hook-up, the showrunners are taking a step back and letting this premise simmer for a while.

Of course it all makes sense, right?  They want us to go stir crazy, but really, speaking of crazy, House does have to sort out a few things as he tries to re-balance his sanity.  He's apparently not going to have an easy time of it.

Sources: EW: Link 1, Link 2



According to sources, be sure you do not miss the very first minute of NCIS when it starts up its new season. According to exec producer Shane Brennan, you're going to be asking yourself if you're seeing things or not!

The new season of NCIS premieres on September 22nd.

Source:  EW


If you missed my prequel TV News article to this one, I chatted about Dollhouse, 24, Lie To Me, Damages, Lawman, King of the Hill and the The Office



Well, without really digging up a lot of info, amongst all the reality shows, repeats of NCIS (3rd with 9.9 million viewers), CSI:NY (9th w/ 8 mil viewers), CSI Miami (11th), The Mentalist (13th) & CSI (15th) eeked out their spots in the top 20.

On cable, Burn Notice, The Closer, Royal Pains and Monk chipped out 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 6th respectively amongst the top 10 cable shows.

Source:  TV By The Numbers


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