'Fringe' Showrunner J.H. Wyman Talks Series' Finale

Fringe Showrunner Talks Series Finale

How many timelines will we see? How will it end? Will we finally learn all there is to know about the Observers? These are just a few of the questions fans are curious about going into Fringe season 5.

Although the series doesn't begin its final season until the end of the month, showrunner J.H. Wyman is already jumping ahead and talking about the Fringe finale -- more specifically, how it will be structured. Several teasers for the fifth season have shown that an Observer event is on the horizon for the team at Fringe division, but how exactly that will play will only be revealed when the season airs.

In chatting with TV Line, Wyman hinted at the structure of the 13-episode final season of Fringe, which he describes as a "13-hour feature film type of thing." There will be the typical breaks between episodes that are inherent to cable television, but Wyman promises that the final three episodes will air on three consecutive Fridays, and make up what Wyman labels as a three-part series finale. The executive producer also reveals that each episode leading up to and including the finale will be the usual one-hour length, hence the "three-parter" label.

When exactly the official series finale will air is unclear. Wyman revealed on Twitter it would be on February 1, 2013 until Fox refuted that claim, but he also claims there are two "breaks" within the season. Considering its September 28th premiere date, Fringe's finale will likely air some time after the new year.

Beyond some brief talk about when various Fringe episodes like the finale might air, and how the season is reportedly structured, Wyman didn't deliver any additional tantalizing details. There are a lot of questions surrounding season 5 of Fringe -- including where and when various episodes might take place -- but Wyman and the cast aren't interested in revealing too much just yet.

Fringe Season 5 Image - Peter and Astrid in Prison

However, one of the first Fringe season 5 teasers placed viewers several years in the future – a future where Olivia and Peter Bishop have settled down with a family – but even knowing that doesn't necessarily tell us when and where the series will begin, or more importantly where it will end up. Fringe has never been one to dwell on one storyline, time period, or even universe for too long before surprising fans with a completely fresh episode like last season's 'Letters of Transit.'

Regardless of where season 5 might take the series, fans should be glad Fringe was given one last season in which to wrap up all its loose ends. Many genre-focused series like Fringe haven't fared so well, but this one will at least go out (we hope) in style.

Fringe season 5 premieres September 28, 2012 at 9PM on Fox.


Source: TV Line

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