'Fringe' Series Finale - Did it Deliver?

Fringe Series Finale - Windmark

Now that the Fringe series finale has aired, bringing an end to the story of Walter, Peter, Olivia and Astrid (as well as the Observers), the question must be asked: Did the final episode of Fringe provide a satisfying conclusion to the show?

When Fringe decided to take a 5-year time jump into the future for their fifth season and pit the beloved team against a group of time-jumping, invading Observers, the shift in tone for the series' final season was noticeable, and the early storylines didn't do much to change some fans' minds. However, as the season continued, certain episodes began to stand out among the others. Enough, at least, to give fans hope that the much championed "amazing" finale promises were true.

In the first hour of the final episode, it was a rush to rescue Michael, the Observer child, from Windmark and the rest of the Observers. After more than a few jumps through time and space, as well as the return of many familiar faces, it was obvious that the two-hour Fringe finale was pulling out all the stops for its final action-packed chapter.

As Fringe moves into its final hour of television, the severity of what must occur is revealed, and each character is given the chance to bid farewell to the audience as well as Walter, who, if all went well, will never be seen again. Many friends and foes were killed in the finale battle before Walter's required time jump with Michael but, in the end, Walter was successful and time was reset, returning Peter and Olivia back with Etta in the park where the Observers originally came. This time, they didn't.

Fringe Series Finale - MIchael

Although the absoluteness of the finale may leave some fans unhappy with Fringe's conclusion, it could be said that the actual adventure that the fifth season ended on made its barrier for entry (and time commitment) worth it. But in the end, it was you, the fans, who help Fringe return season after season. So the question must be asked…

What did you think of the Fringe series finale?

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Fringe aired on Fox from September 9, 2008 - January 18, 2013.

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