'Fringe' Season 5 Teaser Trailer & Poster: 'They Are Coming'

Things are heating up this year on the fifth and final season of ‘Fringe’ with a jump to the future and the team are preparing for a full-scale Observer invasion.

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It may be the final season, but Fox’s Sci-Fi drama Fringe intends to go out with a bang. After a startling season 4 finale that saw the return of William Bell as well as the “death” and resurrection of Olivia Dunham  - season 5 is going to new heights with an impending full-on invasion, as it seems like The Observers aren’t too keen on just observing any more.

The final chapter of Fringe will kick off with "Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11," which takes place in the dystopian Observer-run future of 2036, and will continue the events touched upon in the fourth season episode "Letters of Transit." The fifth and final season will begin on September 28 and will consist of 13 episodes.

Speaking of September, check out the bad-ass, ominous ‘They Are Coming’ poster that features ‘September’ - the only Observer that is on the side of the humans. (Click to enlarge):

Fringe Season 5 Poster: ‘They Are Coming’

With production in full swing, Fringe season 5 will be making do without longtime executive producer/showrunner Jeff Pinkner, as he announced his departure from the series last month - leaving J.H. Wyman as sole showrunner.  [SEASON 4 SPOILER AHEAD!] Also not returning this season is Seth Gabel, whose character special agent Lincoln Lee was written off the series when he opted to stay in the alternate dimension at the end of season four.

With the Fringe Comic-Con panel being held on Sunday, July 15th from 10am-11am in Hall H, Wyman is not giving anything up, just saying:

"If I give you any spoilers, it will just force me to go back in time and prevent myself from answering this question. So if you wouldn’t mind, I should probably save us all the trouble and the potential paradoxes."

For those worried about the big jump to the future - not to worry, this season will fill in the blanks that got us to where we are now by bouncing back and forth in time.  It is also said to contain “a wonderful reunion of mother and daughter” As well as Walter, Olivia, Astrid and Peter becoming more insurgents than FBI Agents.

Big things definitely seem to be popping off this year for the big Fringe farewell – but even with the very limited details there are plenty of burning questions this year. Acting as renegade insurgents means our favorite Fringe team will certainly be in more perilous situations - how will they survive without the benefit of all their fancy toys and unlimited resources? What will Walter's ultimate fate/redemption be? What help (if any) will the non-amber-sealed old man Broyles be? And the major question of the year is really: Who’s going to make it out alive?

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Source: EW

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