'Fringe' Season 4 Teaser Trailer: Where Is Peter Bishop?

Peter returns in this Fringe season 4 teaser

The tense wait for the fourth season of Fringe is almost over with its premiere airing in just under a month. Until then, fans will have to make due with usual assortment of cryptic clues in the form a of a new Fringe season 4 trailer.

There's no doubt among Fringe observers that Joshua Jackson's character Peter Bishop will return, but after last season's cliffhanger ending, there's no telling just how that will play out. It looks like Peter is still operating in some capacity, despite being apparently erased from both of Fringe's dual realities.

Jackson has been seen on the set, and according to reports, the crew was shooting for the third or fourth episode of the new season. That means it could be at least a few weeks after the premiere that fans get to see Peter in any fashion.

After a short fan service video, Jackson made a surprise appearance at the Fringe panel at Comic-Con 2011 last month. Jackson appeared in the video and on stage in the black suit and fedora of the mysterious Observers - take that for what it's worth, considering the generally shoot-from-the-hip atmosphere at Comic-Con.

Then again, there's at least one fedora'd figure in the following teaser video:

The short clips show Peter conversing with an over-the-shoulder character (possibly Anna Torv as Olivia), one of the enigmatic Observers explaining the situation to Walter, Peter leaning in to kiss the alternate Olivia, and the prime universe Olivia describing an undefinable sense of loneliness as "a hole in her life."

Speculation about Peter's role in the altered timeline has been rampant since the finale. While its obvious that Peter's absence is felt by the remaining characters (Olivia prime, anyway), Jackson himself clarified just how his disappearance affected the rest of the world at Comic-Con: "It's not that Peter's consciousness isn't here. Peter doesn't exist. He's gone."

What does that mean for the rest of the Fringe teams? What does it mean for Peter? We'll have to wait until September to find out.


Fringe returns to our universe on Friday, September 23rd on Fox.

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