Fringe Season 4: 'The End Of All Things' Spoilers Discussion

Fringe Season 4: The Observer 'September'

Will Fringe return for another season?Fringe Season 5 Renewal Under Negotiation

Thanks to The Observer "September," this week's episode of Fringe reveals many of the questions that fans have had since the series began, as well as providing direction for the second half of season 4.

With the malicious Nina Sharp working with David Robert Jones on Phase Two, Olivia must fend off Jones' continuous Cortexiphan inquiries while being imprisoned with a familiar double-agent.

As Peter forces Walter to allow him inside the mind of The Observer "September," the beginning of all things is revealed to Peter – as well as many other questions that have, up until now, remained a mystery.

Now that Peter has knowledge of what exactly happened when he stepped into the machine the Fringe season 3 finale, he must make sure that the future returns to its planned path.

… and a heartbreaking decision must be made.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the episode – if you haven’t seen the episode, I would recommend you don’t read these comments here until you have. You’ve been warned.

Discuss away!

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