'Fringe' Season 4 Teaser: Walter Plays God & Peter Sends A Letter

Fringe season 4 final teaser trailer

The season 4 premiere of Fringe is mere days away, and we're no closer to finding the answers to questions raised last season. In what's likely to be the last teaser before the season proper, we get a good look at what Walter, Olivia and Astrid have been doing in the interim.

The Fringe team seems to be back to their old tricks, with the obvious exception of one member. Walter is experimenting with a life-restoring serum, with promising (if not soaring) results. Lots of other typically creepy science detritus is visible in quick flashes.

A notable addition to the Fringe Division appears to be Special Agent Lincoln Lee. Long-time Fringe observers will recognize him as the alt-universe Fringe Division captain who took over after alt-Broyles was waylaid. In the primary universe, Lee is an FBI agent (with nerdy glasses to boot), and it seems he's filling in for Peter at the beginning of the season. Lee is played by Seth Gabel of Dirty Sexy Money - a show that also featured new cast member Michelle Krusiec.

Continuing on the same theme, the final trailer asks the recurring question: "Where is Peter Bishop?" See for yourself below:

Fox has sent out the first two episodes to the press, and Screen Rant will have a review of the premiere ready for readers on Friday. In the meantime, you might want to check out the following message, sent in-character from the man of the hour himself:

Lincoln Lee, Fringe's newest season 4 team member

As previously indicated, Peter won't be seen much if at all in at least the first two episodes, though he's absolutely coming back. If the letter is anything to go by, he may be in some kind of time-space limbo... though honestly, I don't think I'd care to guess at this point. The mysterious Observers have a lot to do with Peter's current situation, whatever it is, and they will feature heavily in the first part of the season.


Get your theories finalized and properly indented:Fringe returns to Fox on Friday, September 23rd at 9:00 PM.

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