'Fringe' Season 4 Finale Trailer: Observers and...Dinosaurs?

Check out the trailer for the ‘Fringe’ season 4 finale, 'Brave New World- Part 2'.

Fringe Season 5 Delayed


Coming off last week’s shocking episode of Fringe, where we saw a team member go down, this week's season 4 finale is set to take the series to a whole new level of bizarre - with more mad scientists, Observers and, if you believe the trailer (below), dinosaurs?

In last weeks'e episode of Fringe - which is the first of two installments for the finale - it was surprisingly revealed that William Bell (Leonard Nimoy) is still alive. Even more surprising than the sheer knowledge of Bell's existence was the fact that Leonard Nimoy actually reprised the role in person. With Bell (potentially) killing a fan-favorite character on the series, while also revealing to be puppet master behind David Robert Jones, the battle has been set for the Fringe season 4 Finale.

Fringe star John Noble discusses Bell's shocking returning to the season, as well as what fans can expect to see in the series finale:

“[Bell] has taken control completely… and I think he’s completely insane at this point. The challenge for me is to try to fight back for a while and then realize that I can’t beat him…. He’s holding all the cards.”

In many ways, Fringe season 4 has seen its highs and lows for both the Fringe team, as well as the series in general. With the return of a timeline-displaced Peter Bishop (Joshua Jackson), the resurfacing of Olivia’s (Anna Torv) missing memories, the bridging of two universes and a quick stop into the future for a single episode, the anticipatory cancellation of the show left fans worried that they wouldn't receive a proper ending to a series they followed for many years.


Fringe 4 Finale Trailer TV 3

And while the fate of Fringe was on the bubble for a while there, we now know that Fringe will return for season 5. Consisting of 13 episodes, this will provide the producers with enough actual showtime to appropriately wrap the series (and all of its many storylines) the way they (hopefully) originally intended.


Fringe season 4 airs this Friday @ 9pm on Fox.

Source: TV Line

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