'Fringe' Season 4 Finale Has 2 Endings (In Case of Cancellation)

Fringe Season 4

The Fringe season 4 finale will soon be upon us. But with no word from Fox regarding their renewal decision for the cult series, the highly anticipated episodes may also serve as Fringe's series finale.

Fortunately, the producers have made plans for whatever Fox decides to do with the series next year, by having two separate endings, depending on whether or not the series is picked up for season 5.

Speaking with Zap2It, Agent Broyles himself, Lance Reddick, discussed the two different endings – as well as what question won't be answered in the Fringe season 4 finale:

"Something happens at the very, very end of the season finale. It may or may not stay; I don't know. It could open up an entire new season.

It could be a cliffhanger, but the thing that's beautiful about the way that the season ends is that it seems to answer almost all the questions that started in season 1... except for that one story."

From sounds of it, if Fox decides to order Fringe season 5, a supplemental cliffhanger scene will be added to the finale. If no pick-up order is given, the season 4 finale without the cliffhanger and the series will take to comics to complete their tale.

But before fans of the series prepare for the worst, recent rumors are saying it's very likely that Fox will pick up Fringe for a 13-episode season to allow the producers (and fans) to appropriately bid farewell to the series.

For all intents and purpose, Fringe would have never made it this far on network television without its fans. As one of the only overtly sci-fi television series on network television, it's the extremely dedicated and driven fan base that allowed the series to find a home on Friday nights.

Fringe Season 4 - John Noble

And what better way to highlight the boisterous fan base than with a quote from Joshua Jackson:

"The show is now only surviving based upon the passion of our fans, because we don't have a large audience or large viewership but the people who do watch it are incredibly fired up about it."

Since the beginning, Fringe has elevated itself beyond the preternatural quirky drama that many television fans have become used to with science-fiction-based series. While the series may have its fair share of comedic moments, it's always been the compelling and complex story that has helped drive the series into the hearts of fans around the world.

And while Fox may not pick up Fringe for season 5, the Fringe season 4 finale will answer more than enough questions to satisfy fans' expectation for an ending. That being said, one more season would also be great.

…especially since there's that one final question that will be left to answer


The Fringe season 4 finale airs May 11 @9pm on Fox.

Source: Zap2It; THR

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