'Fringe' Season 3 Finale Trailer is Two Minutes of Apocalyptic Action

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Fox's science fiction serial Fringe wraps up its third season this Friday. The network posted a two-minute cinematic trailer today to prepare fans for the end (?) of two worlds.

WARNING: Fringe Season 3 Spoilers Follow!

When last Friday's Fringe episode wrapped up, Olivia and a recovered Peter had finally managed to access and enter the Machine with a little mystical help from the world's most mysterious bowler, Sam Weiss. When Peter activated the Machine, he was whisked away to a future where the expanded Fringe Division was assisting in a Manhattan crisis.

According to the teaser that aired at the end of "The Last Sam Weiss," Peter's been transported fifteen years into the future. If Walternate is to be believed, Peter's actions in the Machine led directly to the destruction of the other side... which tends to happen when you turn on a doomsday device. The ramifications are being felt "over here," as similar events play out across the globe.

While the pair of episodes that dealt with William Bell's "soul magnets" were very disappointing (and let's just forget about that twenty-minute cartoon that somehow made it in there) the last two have been ramping up to the finale quite nicely. The establishing shot of the completed Liberty Tower was a perfect way to say "it's the future in the primary universe" very quickly.

Check out the full trailer below:

An interesting note: there's a bit of mumbled voice-over at the very end of the trailer. In a bit of classic Abrams misdirection, it turns out to be a voice being played in reverse. We believe the audio is a male voice saying, "You were right." Feel free to speculate amongst yourselves.

One mystery is solved, at least: guest star Brad Dourif (Deadwood) is a member of  the "End Of Dayers," a terrorist group that's trying to intentionally create universal fissures. Emily Meade, who played a short arc on Boardwalk Empire, will also guest star as a rookie FBI agent.

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Of course there are plenty of questions left unanswered. What happens to Peter and Alternate Olivia's baby? How did Walternate escape the destruction on the other side? Why has Walter been locked up, and how is Peter going to get back to the present and/or stop the destruction?

Whatever happens on "The Day We Died" we already know that the ending will be a cliffhanger. In typical Fringe fashion, the last few minutes of the episode will likely set up the core conflict for season 4.


Fringe concludes its third season Friday night at 9PM on Fox.

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