'Fringe' Season 3 'Entrada' Trailer is Movie-Style Epic

Fringe season 3 Entrada Peter Bishop Broyles

Fringe has been struggling in the ratings during it's third season. The show started out strong with over 9 million viewers tuning in for the pilot and a good portion of season 1, while season 2 fell into 7-6 million range, and recent reports mark the show below 5 million viewers each week. It's little surprise then that Fox is moving the series to the dreaded Friday night "death slot" starting at the end of January.

Still, despite the bumps in the road I personally find Fringe to be even better than ever in season 3. Instead of continuing to tease us about alternate dimensions and an epic overarching storyline, the Fringe pushed boldly ahead, splitting the season into two parallel storylines running across two parallel dimensions. And who says sci-fi TV is running out of good ideas?

Of course, parallel storylines must intersect at some juncture (I hear they're like dimensions, that way), and Fringe season 3 is going to literally make worlds collide this Thursday in an episode titled "Entrada".

The premise is simple: Peter Bishop (boy from the alternate world, now living in our dimension) has discovered that the agent Olivia Dunham he's been bedding with recently is actually the Dunham from his home alterno-world, sent to our world on for reasons of espionage and sabotage.

Meanwhile, the Dunham from our world, who got trapped on alterno-world and brainwashed into thinking she is alterno-Dunham has regained her memory and figured out how travel back and forth between dimensions. But Walternate (the alterno version of Walter Bishop, Peter's dad...sort of) has discovered that our Dunham no longer thinks she's alterno-Dunham and he is taking steps to have her eliminated.

Fringe Season 3 Entrada alternate Dunham

OK... so maybe this is not so simple after all...

Bottom line: there is going to be some serious good twin/evil twin drama going down on Fringe this week - drama so epic, in fact, that Fox has sprung for this movie-style trailer to showcase it:

Despite the titillating nature of the trailer, from what I can see, "Entrada" will be more of a stage-setter for the real payoff, rather than being the payoff itself. It would make sense that Fox would market the show hard in the lead-up to the big showdown: If they hook enough viewers in the next few weeks, Fringe could have a nice soft landing into its new Friday night time slot. And that's something I think most of us sci-fi TV fans would like to see happen.

Catch Fringe's latest episode, "Entrada" this Thursday @9pm on Fox

Source: Fox

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