Hopefully, tonight’s episode of Fringe will answer many questions fans have had since the series started.

Over the last two years, we’ve been introduced to numerous long-running mysteries. From the watchers knowing events to come, shape-changers that use modified walkmans with carpenter nails to obtain their forms, to the halved pieces of apple and signature womb babies that greet us before each commercial break – it’s safe to say that Fringe has held its cards close to the chest.

Walter Bishop traveling to the alternate universe in order to find his son, Peter, as well as the return of Leonard Nimoy as the illusive William Bell (in his final acting performance), leave no doubt that the showdown of the century is bound to happen.

With the help of Olivia, Astrid, and hopefully Gene (the cow), it’s time to take the battle to the other side in order to see what Walternate is up to – and most importantly, make sure that these two worlds stay where they belong.

Order your root beer float, purchase your blue cotton candy, and whip up some coffee yogurt, it’s the season finale of Fringe!


Unfortunately, the second season finale of Fringe has yet to air and Fox decided not to provide it in advance to the press.

So, I shall be watching tonight. Don’t worry, the review will be up shortly after the second part airs. Until then, check out some of our previous articles on the series.

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Make sure to check back as Screen Rant reviews the second season finale of Fringe.

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