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Fringe: Second Season Two-Part Finale Preview

Have you been interested in Fox’s hit-show Fringe, but missed so many episodes that you feel lost in series’ tortuous plot? Or, like me, have you tuned in from the beginning but are still unable to comprehend what’s actually going on?

Either way, you’re in luck as Fox has set up "Fringe 101" to help get you up to speed"

Before FRINGE returns with eight all-new episodes on Thursday, April 1, visit FRINGE 101 to view:

  • Four must-see FRINGE episodes (streaming for free)
  • Videos recapping the series with cast interviews and show footage
  • Special video “10 Things You Need to Know About FRINGE”
  • Character descriptions, secrets and spoilers

Fox has recently come under fire for putting the show on a two-month hiatus in February, following a previous month-long hiatus in December. With the network’s track record for ceremoniously “dumping” sci-fi programming, the numerous delays had fans believing that the show’s cancellation was all but confirmed.

However, the recent announcement of Fringe being picked up for a third season, combined with the new "Fringe 101" crib sheet, proves that not only is Fox committed to the series, but that they’re actively trying make the show (which has an extensive mythology) accessible to new viewers.

In case you’re wondering what the “10 things you need to know about Fringe” are, check out the video below.

Unfortunately, they left out one of the most important things: above all else, you need to know what’s actually going on. Despite tuning in from the beginning, I’m just now feeling like I understand what this entire series is about - Although, I’m sure that as the season progresses, I will need to amend that statement.

Walter Bishop from the 80's

Will you be enrolling in "Fringe 101?" What do you think the must-see episodes of Fringe are? Have you been able to follow the plot?

As Fox states, new cases and endless impossibilities begin when Fringe returns Thursday, April 1.

Source: Fox

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