First 'Fright Night' Images Emerge Online [Updated]

Fright Night remake starring Colin Farrell and Anton Yelchin

[Update: Check out new hi-res images from Fright Night!]

Colin Farrell and Star, star Anton Yelchin will square off this summer in the remake of the '80s horror/comedy Fright Night, and today the first images from the DreamWorks production have hit the Net.

So, at first glance does Fright Night seem like a worthy remake or a yet another unnecessary rehash brought to us courtesy of the circular Hollywood thought process? Find out for yourself.

For those of you who never saw the original film (either because you missed it or just weren't born yet), the story revolves around a dorky high school kid named Charley Brewster (Yelchin) who discovers that his next door neighbor, Jerry Dandrige (Farell), is actually a nefarious vampire (yup, another vampire flick). With the help of this best friend 'Evil' Ed Thompson (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) and the popular girl in school (Imogen Poots), Charlie must get Jerry...before Jerry gets him.

Truthfully these images don't reveal much of anything at all - aside from the fact that Mintz-Plasse will once again be channeling his lovable nerd persona to play 'Evil' Ed. But hey, I do love some McLovin', so that's all good with me. Aside from the header image above, check out the new hi-res images from Fright Night below:

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So, Yelchin is a good actor, Farrell (for all the flack he sometimes gets) is a good actor, Poots has been good and memorable in what few roles I've seen her in (V for Vendetta, 28 Weeks Later) and as stated, I'm not yet tired of Mintz-Plasse's nerd schtick. I say all that to say: the cast for the film (including former Doctor Who David Tennant and acclaimed actress Toni Collette) seems pretty solid, so even if the director, Craig Gillespie (Mr. Woodcock) doesn't immediately make you feel at ease, at least you can have faith that the performances will be adequate.

It's also a good thing that the screenplay writer, Marti Noxon, has experience balancing humor and horror, having written for shows like Buffy and Angel. That resume saves me from overly worrying about this remake trying to position itself in the Twilight lane, since it seems it will aim for the sort of tone that I actually enjoyed back when I was so caught up in Joss Whedon's universe of supernatural monsters and their hunters.

What did you think of the photos?

Fright Night will be in theaters on August 19th.

Source: DreamWorks

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