'Fright Night' Remake May Have A Director

Fright Night

Joining the pantheon of horror remakes is Fright Night, which is based on the 1985 horror-comedy about a teenager who discovers his new, rather mysterious neighbor is actually a vampire. It's no surprise Fright Night is being remade, in light of Twilight and other films and TV shows making vampires very much in-vogue at the moment.

We learned back in November of last year that a suitable writer had been found to pen the Fright Night script: Mad Men, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel scribe, Marti Noxon.

Having experience writing about vampires certainly won't hurt this remake. The Fright Night remake have been without a director up until now, as The LA Times is reporting a director may have been found in Craig Gillespie.

Gillespie is most known for his quirky, off-beat "dramedy" Lars and the Real Girl and also for the comedy Mr. Woodcock. Neither of those two is close to the genre of Fright Night - although having said that, we also don't have any idea what form this remake will take. Word is they're keeping the horror-comedy element, though I very much doubt it will be more comedy than horror.

Gillespie was apparently one of three directors Dreamworks was looking at and he seems to be the one who'll end up behind the camera; Gillespie entered into negotiations for the gig at the beginning of last weekend. Perhaps what helped Gillespie was his relationship with Dreamworks, having directed and produced episodes of the Showtime TV series United States of Tara, which the studio produces.

Craig Gillespie

Fright Night is part of the current remake craze and will likely turn out no better than most of them do. However, I'm trying to remain cautiously optimistic about this one - if they get the right cast and horror-comedy tone, it could be worth seeing. I'm not sure about the director they've picked (I really didn't like Lars and the Real Girl) but we'll have to wait and see if Gillespie is suited.

Are you happy with Gillespie for Fright Night? Will this be better than most horror remakes or is it doomed to suck (get it)?

There's still no word on when we might see Fright Night hit theaters. Stay tuned on that front.

Source: LA Times

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