Christopher Mintz-Plasse Talks R-rated 'Fright Night' Remake

A few weeks ago we reported on the pleasing news that Christopher Mintz-Plasse (Kick-Ass) had been cast alongside Anton Yelchin, Colin Farrell, Toni Collette and David Tennant in the upcoming remake of the campy '80s horror flick, Fright Night. He will be playing the role of "Evil Ed," the best friend of the main character who discovers his new neighbor (Farrell) is a vampire.

The plot of the remake transfers events from the quiet suburbs to the bustling city of Las Vegas. Although we'll obviously need to wait and see images and footage from the movie to really start judging it (although many of us will already have judged it based on the word "remake"), there's the very welcome notion that the remake will have a more baddass vampire vibe - think more True Blood than The Twilight Saga.

If you're one of those people who worries that movies are going to be toned down to a PG-13 rating to appeal to a wider audience, then you might be able to breathe a little easier when it comes to Fright Night. Mintz-Plasse recently spoke to Chicago Tribune and revealed that Dreamworks is keeping the R-rating that the original film had:

"[The original is] totally a cheesy, campy 80's movie... and I loved it. They're trying to keep (the remake) very similar but give a different take on the cast. It'll be in 3D, so it's a little more Hollywood. And they're keeping it rated R, which is good."

I'm actually a little surprised that they're going the R-rated route with this particular horror remake. Although the original has that same rating - and some would say they need to have the shackles as loose as possible for this to be any good - I expected them to go the PG-13 route in order to snag that teenage audience (although I don't think most of teenagers will have trouble getting an adult to accompany them :-P ).

Fright Night 3D Remake synopsis

As for the 3D format Mintz-Plasse mentioned, in my opinion this is yet another film that just doesn't need to be in 3D. It's still early days and perhaps the story or visuals will call for more than regular old 2D but at this point in time it seems completely unnecessary.

Of course, this is just the word of one supporting cast member and who knows, perhaps a little further down the road Dreamworks will go the PG-13 route and ditch the idea of doing it in 3D (sadly the former is a lot more likely than the latter). But for the time being, let's just take Mintz-Plasse at his word.

Are you glad the Fright Night remake will be R-rated? What about the fact it'll be in 3D? Sound off in the comments below.

Fright Night will likely shoot in July and presumably will hit theaters in 2011 (around Halloween, perhaps?).

Source: Chicago Tribune (via Bloody-Disgusting)

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