'Fright Night' Clips Hint At A Dark Vampire Tale

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Director Craig Gillespie and screenwriter Marti Noxon are ready to correct the notion that pretty boy vampires are sensitive Gary Stus with their Fright Night remake, which arrives in theaters this week.

Previous trailers, TV spots, and footage from the supernatural horror romp have been big on playing it up as the anti-Twilight, in virtually every way possible. However, we've yet to see much of the potty-mouthed humor and comedy the film promises to deliver - on top of the gruesome vampire violence.

Three new Fright Night clips have been released online; not surprisingly, they're short on laughs and scares, which are (hopefully) being saved for the actual movie. They do affirm what we've suspected all along, though - that Anton Yelchin is the everyman meant to ground all the madness; Colin Farrell and David Tennant look to be having fun as an evil bloodsucker and vain Vegas showman/vampire hunter; and while Imogen Poots' character basically amounts to eye candy, she's at least a bit more involved with the plot than your average damsel-in-distress.

With that said: Check out the newest clips from Fright Night below:




One part of Fright Night that's not been played up heavily in the marketing is the 3D aspect. That's presumably in part because of recent indications that moviegoers are becoming tired with the format, due to the higher ticket price and the large number of recent 3D tentpole releases that weren't even shot in the format to begin with (see: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2, Captain America: The First Avenger, Green Lantern, etc.). The 3D effect becomes less appealing when seemingly EVERY movie has it.

Fright Night was actually shot in 3D, but the murky visuals glimpsed so far don't really seem like ripe material to be viewed in that format. However, early word out of Comic-Con 2011 pegged the 3D aspect of Fright Night as being pretty good; also, Gillespie and his technical crew seem to have done a decent job of shooting the film's many night-set or darkly-lit scenes,without making things pitch-black in regular 2D. That was a problem that Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (which was also shot in 3D) suffered from.

So long as Fright Night is ghoulish fun - and not a muddled bore - all that shouldn't matter too much. Plus, it would give us more reason to look forward to Gillespie and Noxon's next joint effort: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

Fright Night will hit 2D and 3D screens around the U.S. this Friday, August 19th.

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