'Fright Night' Red Band Clip: F-Bombs, Explosions, & Evil Colin Farrell

fright night trailer colin farrell

DreamWorks is pulling out all the stops marketing its Fright Night remake just a few days before it finally hits theaters. No matter where you travel around the Interwebs, chances are good you'll see an advertisement for the flick, with Colin Farrell as the red-eyed, blood-thirsty vampiric monster, Jerry.

Those of you who are eager to see the updated, but still brutal, vampire tale can help pass the time by checking out a new red-band clip released for the 3D feature.

Quick recap: Farrell is Jerry, the handsome new neighbor to Fright Night protagonist Charley Brewster (Anton Yelchin) - and, as it turns out, a literal lady/man-killer who plans on drinking the blood of just about everyone in town. Naturally, Charley decides to take action before Jerry can sink his fangs into either his mom (Oscar-nominee Toni Collette) or smokin' hot girlfriend (Imogen Poots).

If you've watched any of the previous Fright Night trailers or TV spots, then you already have an idea of how Jerry ingeniously gets around the "vampires need an invitation to enter your home" loophole. Well, now you can watch a good chunk of that scene, complete with naughty language.

Check out that NSFW Fright Night clip (via IGN) below:


As we've mentioned in the past, Colin Farrell really does look like one of the best things about the Fright Night remake. His Jerry has the "pretty" look of Twilight's Edward Cullen, but none of the Emo attitude or disdain for his vampiric abilities. Instead, he's a good-looking, blood-thirsty monster and loves every minute he gets to spend terrorizing the innocent.

This red band clip as a whole is fairly entertaining, though it does raise one issue that's been brought up in the past: the film's murky visual style. Case in point: The car sequence in this clip is well shot and clearly designed to give you that immersive 3D experience, seeing how the camera continually swirls around the characters as they drive away in fear. Here, however, there are a couple of times when it's almost impossible to make out what's going on, since the footage is so dim.

Early word on Fright Night is that it actually looks fine in 3D, despite most of the film taking place under cover of darkness. Of course, if you don't like the format but still want to check this remake out, you can always just watch it in 2D. Chances are good you won't miss out on that much, seeing how this really isn't a 3D event pic (a la Avatar or Final Destination 5).

Fright Night opens in U.S. theaters this Friday, August 19th. For more about the film, be sure to check out our interview with screenwriter Marti Noxon.

Source: IGN

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