Dragon Ball: 15 Characters Frieza Has Actually Beaten

No character who has stayed a villain has remained as prominent throughout all of Dragon Ball as Frieza. Even after his defeat on Namek he still returned for the start of DBZ’s next saga, and still popped up in the anime for moments like trying to take over Hell after Cell died. The reason it’s surprising that Frieza keeps coming back is because he has also lost a lot of fights. In fact, ever since Goku beat him on Namek, there was a huge stretch of time where he showed up to basically lose in just a few minutes.

In Dragon Ball Super, Frieza has returned again, but he’s actually looking quite dominant again. With his new Golden form, he’s willing to take on almost all comers, and even looks like an equal for Goku. It’s been a while, but Frieza is winning his battles again. With how he’s lost to Goku, Gohan, Pikkon, and Trunks, maybe you were thinking Frieza wasn’t as fearsome as he was built up to be.

If that’s the case, here’s a reminder of what he can do with Dragon Ball: 15 Characters Frieza Has Actually Beaten.


Piccolo first met Frieza on planet Namek when he and the other Z Fighters tried to make a last stand against him. To Piccolo’s credit, he was one of the few who could actually give Frieza a bit of a challenge. But once Frieza reached his final form, Piccolo was hopelessly outmatched and just desperately waiting for Goku to join the fray. It turns out that not much would change over the years either, since Piccolo didn’t do so well in Dragon Ball Super either.

When Frieza returned in the new series he quickly proved too much for the majority of the heroes. Gohan was one of the few to step up to Frieza, but wound up getting tortured and nearly killed by the tyrant. As Frieza launched an energy beam that was meant to end Gohan’s life, Piccolo dove in front of it to save Gohan. In true Dragon Ball fashion, Piccolo had once again died trying to spare Gohan from a villain.


Frieza kills Krillin in Dragon Ball

Krillin really never stood a chance against Frieza, but that didn't stop him from doing his best to help Vegeta and Goku defeat him. Despite even being impaled on one of Frieza's horns, Krillin still came back for more after being healed by Dende. T o Krillin's credit, he even managed to use his Destructo Disk to cut off part of Frieza's tail. But as Frieza showed off his final form, Krillin's luck ran out.

It initially appeared like Goku had defeated Frieza, but then the alien made it clear he was far from dead. Frieza used his powers to lift Krillin high into the air and killed him by causing him to explode. It may not have been the best move since it caused Goku to become a Super Saiyan, but it did show exactly how ruthless Frieza was. Krillin dying to Frieza became one of Dragon Ball Z’s most memorable moments.


It does not matter if they are from an entirely different universe, Frieza still despises Saiyans. Thanks to Goku providing Frieza with the chance to compete in the tournament between the universes, Frieza has received the chance to encounter a lot of new heroes, and a few new Saiyans. One of them was Cabba, Vegeta's protegé. Noticing how Cabba was growing in strength, Frieza challenged the young Saiyan to a fight.

The Saiyans from the other universes are no doubt powerful, but in the tournament they have all lacked training to truly reach their full potential. So when Frieza began to demonstrate his dominance against Cabba, the latter was naive enough to believe he had closed the difference in their power just by turning Super Saiyan 2.

While it was a new plateau for Cabba, Frieza showed what true power really was when he accessed his Golden form. Cabba was pelted with laser blasts and ultimately easily dispatched to Frieza's amusement.


King Vegeta Dragon Ball

While it took a long time for us to see Frieza in action against any of the Z Fighters, we did get glimpses of his power through flashbacks. One of the early indicators that Frieza could back up his power was when King Vegeta led the other Saiyans in trying to stop the tyrant from destroying their planet. King Vegeta led the charge to Frieza, managing to dispatch any soldier who tried to stop him. Finally King Vegeta came face to face with Frieza and wasted no time in attacking.

Despite being flanked by Zarbon and Dodoria, Frieza needed no help to win this fight. He dodged King Vegeta’s only punch and responded with a single counterpunch that left King Vegeta dead on the floor. Just for good measure, Frieza vaporized the king and the surrounding Saiyans with an energy beam fired from his eyes.

It was obvious why the Saiyans had been so hopelessly subservient to Frieza when none of them could even land a punch against him.


Obviously Dende has never been some fearsome opponent, but he has proven himself to be extremely useful to the Z Fighters. On Namek he showed his friends how to use the Namekian Dragon Balls to grant their wishes. And during the battle with Frieza, Dende played a crucial role healing his friends from attacks that had them on the brink of death. In fact, once Frieza realized just how helpful Dende was to his allies was when Frieza knew it was time to get rid of him.

Krillin, Gohan, Piccolo, and Vegeta were the only ones able to fight Frieza, but they weren't Frieza's target for his next attack. He pointed his finger at the group and shot out an energy beam that set off an explosion. When the dust cleared Dende's lifeless body was lying on the ground. The Z Fighters had lost a friend, but now they also had no one to heal them anymore.


Vegeta and Goku have long had a friendly rivalry of trying to one up each other, but they have received a lot more unexpected competition in Dragon Ball Super. Characters like Beerus and Hit have raised the bar for what both Saiyans see as the pinnacle of power. But one unexpected name you can also add to that list is Frieza. After some intense training, Frieza is once again in the same league as Goku and Vegeta, and he enjoys proving it.

It was a small moment, but we saw a demonstration of Frieza's power against Murichim in the universal tournament. Frieza rejoined his Universe 7 team members while carrying a limp Murichim by his head. Vegeta appeared and told Frieza not to eliminate Murichim because the latter was Vegeta's opponent.

Frieza couldn't help showing off, though, and tossed Murichim from the arena for the elimination. Vegeta wasn't pleased, but Frieza has become happy to flaunt his new power.


One of the most intriguing things about Dragon Ball Super has been seeing how many of the characters have different counterparts in other universes. The Z Fighters eventually encountered Frieza's counterpart, a warrior named Frost. Frost quickly revealed himself to be just as underhanded as the tyrant we all already knew, which is why Champa was happy to put Frost on his team in the tournament between the universes.

When Frieza finally met Frost, it seemed obvious that the two would strike up an alliance. Their plan even appeared to work when Frieza seemingly betrayed Gohan and began teaching Frost how to increase his power. Instead, once Frieza had gotten Frost to switch into a slower, bulkier form, Frieza revealed his true loyalty still lay to his own universe and eliminated Frost with a surprise attack.

Frost was so outraged he tried to attack Frieza after being eliminated, a move which caused him to be erased from existence by the Zenos.


Despite Universe 7 being called one of the weakest universes in existence, it really has not looked that way with how well they are doing in the tournament. Frieza, in particular, seems right at home in the universal tournament, taking on pretty much anyone with glee and emerging triumphant. He's already got a good number of eliminations to his name, and it's hard to imagine many people who would be willing to try and get rid of Frieza.

In the case of the bat-like warrior Roselle, Frieza did not even have to lay a hand on him to get rid of him. Frieza fired a laser to knock Roselle out of the air and announced his intention to have some fun with the fighter. When Roselle saw the sadistic smile on Frieza's face, Roselle wanted no part of that fight. Roselle ran out of the arena of his own volition, eliminating himself and perhaps facing erasure from existence rather than fighting Frieza.


With how small Frieza was in comparison to his subordinates, it would have been easy to assume he was not actually that powerful. Sure, we heard how he had wiped out the Saiyans and destroyed planets, but we hadn't seen what he could really do in a one-on-one fight. So when Nail challenged Frieza, it looked like the Namekian might stand a fair chance.

In retrospect it's clear Nail was way out of his league, but at the time it seemed unbelievable how dominant Frieza was in this fight. Frieza basically toyed with Nail the entire fight and even ripped off one of his arms. Once Frieza had demonstrated how superior he was, he delivered a final blow and left Nail for dead.

Had it not been for Piccolo fusing with him, Nail would have been just another victim killed off by Frieza. But even fused with Piccolo, Nail still never got his revenge for this fight.


It quickly became obvious in the universal tournament that only a handful of the fighters involved would stand a chance of winning the thing. People like Kale, Hit, and Jiren have all been intimidating opponents and are the kind of fighters everyone is really watching.

There haven't been too many surprise powerhouses hiding among the other characters, with most of the remaining fighters ranging from brief obstacles to horribly outclassed warriors. Unfortunately for Napapa, he was firmly in that latter category.

We really see Napapa's worth (or lack thereof) when he fights Frieza. The scene starts with Frieza's foot planted on the face of the pig-like fighter, looking poised to eliminate him. Truly the only reason Frieza didn't eliminate Napapa is because he became distracted by another opponent before the final blow could be delivered. So Napapa earned a temporary reprieve despite obviously losing to Frieza, but that won't last long.


Bardock fighting Frieza

Before Vegeta fought him on Namek, the last Saiyan to challenge Frieza was Goku’s dad Bardock. And while Bardock was certainly brave to stand up against Frieza, the Saiyan had no idea how outmatched he really was. Bardock called out Frieza, thinking this would be the big moment he’d save his people from annihilation. However, while Bardock was strong for the standards of a Saiyan at the time, he was way out of his depth against Frieza.

Frieza emerged from his ship to face Bardock, and the latter told him off for all the time the Saiyans had lived under oppression. Bardock gathered his energy and fired his best attack at Frieza, but it disintegrated against the Death Ball Frieza had conjured on his finger. Frieza’s attack swelled in size until he launched it straight at Bardock, eradicating him and proceeding to hit planet Vegeta and destroy the home of the Saiyans.


In the tournament between the universes, Jimeze stood out because, like Goku, he could utilize Instant Transmission. Effectively being able to teleport put him at an advantage over a lot of fighters, including Gohan. By the looks of things Gohan was on the verge of being eliminated by Jimeze when Frieza interfered. A recurring theme in the tournament has been the fighters wondering if Frieza is really on his universe's side. He seemed to put those doubts to rest here when he saved his own partner.

Frieza had no problems using his speed to keep up with Jimeze's Instant Transmission. The power difference between the two fighters was so vast that Jimeze couldn't even land a hit on his opponent.

In the end, Frieza used his tail to get Jimeze in a choke hold and blasted him with an energy beam that many thought had killed him. But Frieza held back enough to spare his opponent, instead kicking Jimeze out of the arena and eliminating him.


Poor Gohan has really bad luck with when he encounters Frieza. Every time the Saiyan has done so in the anime series, he has been vastly overpowered by Frieza. The only times Gohan was actually stronger than Frieza were all in the movies.

Gohan’s victories over Frieza in the films are really nothing to brag about since he did it as the Great Saiyaman. Maybe that’s just humiliating payback against Frieza for all the times he dominated Gohan.

Frieza first beat down Gohan on planet Namek, using his various forms to punish the Saiyan and his friends and nearly kill them all until Goku showed up. But Gohan was a kid then, so you’d think as an adult he might fare better.

Unfortunately, in Dragon Ball Super that proved to not be the case. Gohan had slacked off so much in his training that when Frieza returned the alien easily incapacitated and nearly killed Gohan with a series of energy beams launched from his fingertips. As a child or an adult, Gohan has needed someone to rescue him when he fights Frieza.


Golden Frieza vs Super Saiyan God Goku Dragon Ball Z Resurrection F

It might have taken a couple decades in real life, but Frieza did actually manage to stand victorious over Goku at one point. Frieza had been left for dead on an exploding Namek by Goku, then was humiliated in being diced apart in a matter of seconds by Future Trunks upon traveling to Earth. Even in Dragon Ball GT and the movies Frieza still got easily dispatched by Saiyans. But in Super, Frieza finally got some revenge.

After being wished back to life by Sorbet, we saw Frieza go into training for months to increase his strength. When he finally arrived back on Earth he had his new Golden Frieza form that actually managed to overpower a Super Saiyan Blue Goku. Frieza's stamina eventually gave out and he was about to lose again, but a laser blast from Sorbet took Goku down.

This put Frieza in position to kill Goku, and he likely would have if Vegeta hadn't intervened to take on the evil alien.


DBZ Vegeta Dying

When it finally came time for Frieza to fight the Z fighters, Vegeta was the strongest member present at first. So naturally Vegeta kicked off the fight against Frieza and seemed to do well at first. Then Frieza revealed he could transform and quickly began overpowering everyone. But due to a Saiyan's ability to get stronger when they have nearly been killed, Vegeta incorrectly assumed he had become a Super Saiyan after Dende healed him from a beating.

Vegeta clashed one more time with Frieza's final form, but was still no match for the tyrant. Vegeta was beaten to the point of being defenseless when Goku finally showed up to try his own luck. By this point it was too late for Vegeta, though. As Vegeta finished sharing some parting words with Goku, Frieza fired a laser through Vegeta's chest and ended the Saiyan's life. And with that Frieza was one step closer to making the Saiyans extinct.


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