Friends: The 10 Worst Things Rachel Has Ever Done, Ranked

On Friends, everyone loves Rachel, but she isn't as innocent as she seems. Here are 10 bad things she's done over the years.

Rachel Green was the girl all other girls envied but was somehow still so lovable. A character that brought sass, iconic fashion moments, and strength to the Friends gang. So how could anyone dislike Rachel? Well, although she is a great character with many great sides, she also has a bad side. There were times in the 10 seasons of Friends that made us think Rachel wasn't as perfect as she may have appeared to others. She had serious jealousy issues and was often too wrapped up in herself. Here are 10 of the worst things Rachel Green has ever done.

10 Stealing Jean-Claude Van Damme

When Monica asks Rachel to put in a good word for her when on a Jean-Claude Van Damme movie set, things go downhill rather quickly. Van Damme doesn't seem too keen on taking Monica out, but he is very interested in Rachel. Basically, she started out as the wingman and somehow ended up getting the guy.

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They later have a big fight, but the fact that Rachel would steal Van Damme away in the first place was totally against girl code.

9 Bullying In High School

It's no surprise that Rachel was super popular in high school. She was beautiful, a cheerleader, and everyone envied her. However, there were also many who genuinely felt their high school lives were ruined by Rachel Green's behavior. There are multiple occasions when people from the past come forward to say Rachel bullied them, and she couldn't even remember them! Luckily in her adult life, she has truly turned a corner, but it doesn't excuse all the people she mistreated when she was younger.

8 The Way She Treated Julie

When Ross comes back from a work trip with a new girlfriend, Julie, Rachel is not happy about it. Right before Ross left, Rachel realized her feelings for him and seeing him with someone else was hard. And while that is understandable, being cruel to Julie is not. Rachel does not give Julie the time of day even though Julie makes several attempts to be friendly towards her. The truth is Rachel just wants Ross back, but Julie doesn't know that.

7 Going To Ruin Ross' Wedding

When Ross and Emily decide to get married in London, Rachel decides it would hurt too much to attend. However, after talking to Phoebe about her feelings, she realizes she still deeply cares for Ross. So she sets out to fly to London and tell Ross she is still in love with him.

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And while this ultimately doesn't happen, her initial intentions were to break the pair up and ruin the wedding. Even though she doesn't tell Ross about her feelings, he still ends up saying her name during the ceremony instead of Emily's, and ultimately the two divorce.

6 Hiring Tag

When in need of an assistant, Rachel comes across a well-qualified woman and the extremely good-looking Tag Jones. Tag really has no experience working in an office, but Rachel is enchanted by him nonetheless. When Phoebe urges her to hire the more qualified candidate she agrees. After facing a defeated Tag, she caves and hires him instead for her own personal enjoyment.

5 The Bonnie Situation

It's no shock to anyone that though Ross had many relationships throughout the entirety of Friends, he would ultimately end up with Rachel. There are a couple of times when Ross being into other women caused Rachel to suffer a great deal of jealousy. When Ross starts dating the beautiful Bonnie, Rachel convinces her to shave her head (something she had done in the past) again in order to lessen Ross's attraction to her. While it makes for a funny episode, overall it was a seriously manipulative move.

4 Phoebe's Weird Running

Rachel is without a doubt worried about her image. Let's face it, she is beautiful and has a knack for fashion. But when it comes to the little things in life, she is a little too uptight. When she and Phoebe go running in the park, Rachel fakes an injury after seeing how embarrassing of a runner Phoebe is. Phoebe runs like a small child who just learned how to run, and to Rachel, it's too embarrassing. Luckily Phoebe finally helps her realize that she shouldn't be so focused on what strangers are thinking about her. Besides, Phoebe is one of her best friends...who cares how she runs?

3 Weird Feelings For Joey

Rachel first rejects Joey when he confesses that he has deep feelings for her. He is all consumed by her, but she just doesn't reciprocate the feelings. So, Joey lets it go.

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However, after seeing him go through romantic scenes on Days Of Our Lives, and a relationship with Charlie, she changes her mind. It seems pretty unfair to completely turn him down and then suddenly notice all the great things about him once circumstances allow.

2 Lying To Her Father

When Rachel ends up pregnant with Ross's baby, she struggles to find the right words to tell her dad. She is scared of what he will think of her. So she decides the best thing to do is to flat out lie. She first tells her father that there is a wedding and he rushes to book her the Plaza Hotel. Then, when Phoebe urges her to be honest, she comes clean that her and Ross are not engaged. However, she does decide to add that Ross didn't want to marry her, because she was "damaged". Mr. Green then barges into Ross's apartment to yell at him for his mistreatment of his daughter. Ross' then-girlfriend Mona is there for the whole debacle and it causes many problems between the two of them. And this all could've been avoided if a certain someone *cough cough Rachel* would have been honest.

1 Stealing Monica's Thunder

The night Monica and Chandler get engaged is one of the sweetest moments on Friends. The decides to get ready for a night on the town to celebrate the news, but the plans are put to a halt when Rachel starts feeling insecure. She is feeling lonely, knowing that her best friend has found her person and she is still alone. Rachel falls into an old pattern and crawls back to Ross. Manipulating him in the moment into kissing her. Not only is she confusing Ross, but Monica sees them and feels like Rachel has stolen all the attention of the night.

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