Friends: 10 Worst Things The Gang Did To Chandler, Ranked

The Friends gang appear to be close, but the secrets and lies have proven to be toxic. Especially some of the things they have projected on Chandler.

Out of all the FriendsChandler Bing (Matthew Perry) has been voted as the fans' favorite. Chandler is most memorable for his sarcastic and witty attitude. Often, he uses the defense mechanism to ease the tension whenever he feels uncomfortable.

Chandler may not be the most responsible guy, but he was always there for the gang when needed emotional support. However, there have been many times where the gang has took advantage of his kind nature and blamed him for their own indiscretions. From the time his apartment was robbed to Ross kissing his mother, here are the 10 worst things the gang did to Chandler, ranked.

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10 Monica wanted Joey

When Chandler and Monica hooked-up in season 4, fans would have never believed they would be one of the best OTP's on TV. However, they were in for an even bigger shock when Phoebe revealed that Monica had intended to hook up with Joey that night.

Considering Joey was going to be the minister at their wedding, Chandler became uncomfortable with the thought. He didn't like the idea that they might not have been together if Joey was in the room instead of him. When Monica tells him it's not a big deal, Chandler disagrees, saying it's like settling for Robin instead of Batman. It's sad to watch because Chandler has always been insecure when it comes to Joey.

9 Teased him over the proposal

In the aftermath of the gang finding out about his relationship with Monica, Chandler began to panic. Fans had already seen his sabotage many relationships in the past because of his fear of commitment, so it came as no surprise to Monica either. The couple ended up having a fight when Chandler jokes about how the relationship is casual.

However, to show Monica how serious he is, Chandler proposes in front of the gang. Monica appreciates the gesture but turns him down because of how unready they are. Instead of praising Chandler for taking a big step, the gang ends up teasing Chandler for his hasty decision.

8 Affording the wedding

In the episode "The One With Rachel's Book", Monica discovers that her parents spent her wedding fund on a beach house. They never restarted the fund when she began dating Chandler as they didn't believe he would work up the courage to propose. This means there was no chance of Monica getting her dream wedding.

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However, Chandler reveals that she can delve into his savings if she wanted. Problem is, Monica and Rachel want to spend all the money on the wedding. They also won't allow him to make any decisions on the event. When Chandler puts his foot down, Monica behaves irrationally. Surprising to say, Chandler was the most responsible person in this moment.

7 Made fun of his dog phobia

One of the worst things the gang continued to mock Chandler for was his fear of dogs. For many years, Chandler has claimed he is was allergic to dogs when he was suffering from Cynophobia. When the gang finds this out, they relentlessly tease him for it.

Ross also uses this against him in the episode "The One With Phoebe's Wedding", when Mike asks the pair to pick who should walk his dog, Chappy, down the aisle. Ross laughs at him when he fails to overcome his fear, meaning Chandler would be the only one not involved. There's some sweet retribution when he ends up walking Phoebe down the aisle and Ross is stuck in the snow with Chappy.

6 The weed incident

In the episode "The One Where Ross Got High", Monica had invited her parents to Thanksgiving to try and tell them she was dating Chandler. However, every time Chandler tries to ease the tension between them, he only makes matters worse.

Unbeknownst to him, The Gellers haven't liked Chandler since they believed he was responsible for Ross' dorm room. In a panic, Ross blamed Chandler and has never revealed the truth until now. He then tries to prevent Monica and Chandler from revealing the truth. Who knows why he was afraid of his parents finding out because it was not like they could punish him. Since the relationship was important to Chandler, he could have told them the truth instead of hiding.

5 Apartment was robbed

Every fan knows that Joey is one of the most gullible people on TV. However, one thing that never settled right with fans was how easily he fell for the scam that led to the apartment getting robbed.

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In the episode "The One With The Cat", Joey allowed their apartment to get robbed after a customer falsely leads him to believe he is interested in buying his entertainment center. When Chandler asks how it happened, Joey bet one of the buyers $50 that he could fit in the unit. Fans can't even cut Joey some slack as he made the customer promise not to rob the place.  Chandler had a right to be angry.

4 Rude about Janice

There was one thing that never settled right with fans and that was how the gang treated Janice (Maggie Wheeler). Janice was Chandler's long-time on-off girlfriend, who was known most for her nasally voice and laugh. When Chandler was dating her, the gang was always disrespectful towards her, particularly Joey.

Joey tries to sabotage their relationship, asking the group to help him. He also finds it insufferable when he has to spend any time with her but gives no reason as to why. If Janice was going to be a part of Chandler's life, he could have tried a bit harder to make her feel welcome.

3 Kissed his mother

Ross and Chandler's friendship became briefly strained after the paleontologist kissed his mother. In the episode "The One With Mrs Bing", Chandler is surprised to find out his mother is coming to visit him. To celebrate, the gang and Nora (Morgan Fairchild) go to a restaurant.

A depressed Ross then seeks comfort in Nora after he is forced to watch Rachel and Paolo together. This is also witnessed by Joey, who surprisingly doesn't tell Chandler. When he does find out about the incident, Chandler expresses his disappointment at the two for keeping it from him. It then leads to a brief fallout and confrontation with his mother.

2 Didn't know his job

Considering the gang are meant to be close, you would think they would know each other's jobs. This doesn't appear to be the case with Chandler as a running gag on the show sees the friends forget his profession. The saddest thing about this is that the friends don't even take the time out to learn what he does.

They know that he hates his job but never learn about it because it doesn't interest them. Ultimately, it was the main reason why Monica and Rachel lost their apartment ("The One With The Embryos") and why Monica was able to afford her dream wedding.

1 Losing his toe

In the episode "The One With All The Thanksgivings", Chandler discovers a horrible truth that could have changed his relationship with Monica. Everyone knows Chandler hates Thanksgiving and he was about to gain another reason when he discovers why he lost the tip of his toe.

As the friends all discuss their worst Thanksgivings, Rachel forces Monica to talk about the time she got revenge on Chandler for calling her fat. She reveals that she accidentally cut off his toe because she was trying to seduce him. Chandler gets mad, telling the gang he was called Sir Limps-a lot (a nickname Ross created). He storms out of the room, humiliated by the memory.

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