'Friends with Kids' Trailer: Experiments with Rom-Com Conventions

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Jennifer Westfeldt co-wrote and starred in one of the more refreshing spins on the tired rom-com genre back in 2001, with Kissing Jessica Stein. She's since written/headlined the well-received 2006 relationship dramedy Ira & Abby and starred in the short-lived TV series Notes from the Underbelly, which chronicles the difficulties of romance, married life, and parenthood. Notice a pattern?

Westfeldt makes her directorial debut on Friends with Kids, which she also wrote and stars in. Judging by the film's official trailer, it's yet another unorthodox exploration of adult relationships that mixes laughs with earnest drama - not to mention, serves as an unofficial Bridesmaids reunion (more on that later).

Friends with Kids is an ensemble rom-com that revolves around thirty-somethings Jason Fryman (Parks and Recreation's Adam Scott) and Julie Keller (Westfeldt): two longtime pals and the only singles left in their close-knit group of friends. Rather than have to suffer from the stereotypical issues that seem to plague marriages when the couple decides to have kids, Jason and Julie come up with an unusual scheme: the two will have a child together, but thereafter are going to date other people.

For more on just that, check out the Friends with Kids trailer below:

First off: yes, not only are Mad Men's Jon Hamm (who is also Westfeldt's real-life partner) and Kristen Wiig playing a healthier couple here than in Bridesmaids, but the involvement of fellow co-star Maya Rudolph just makes that pairing all the more amusing. It's also not shocking to see Edward Burns showing up here, since this sort of indie romantic dramedy is his preferred go-to starring vehicle. Moving on...

One thing that Westfeldt excels at is writing naturalistic dialogue, not going the predictable plot route with her screenplays, and executing unusual scenarios/scenes without making it all seem forcibly unordinary or obnoxiously "quirky". Friends with Kids looks to be no exception and should please those who enjoyed her previous films; if nothing else, the central cast alone makes this one worth a look.

On that note: it's interesting to see that Megan Fox is trying her hand at more ambitious comedy/drama fare, between this flick and Judd Apatow's upcoming This is Forty. Give her credit, she's at least aspiring to be more of serious actress, rather than just the female eye candy in overblown blockbuster titles (a la the first two Transformers movies).

Friends with Kids will hit theaters in the U.S. on March 9th, 2012.

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