Friends Vs Seinfeld: 5 Reasons We'd Rather Be Friends With Kramer (& 5 Why Joey Is Better)

Joey from Friends and Kramer from Seinfeld are both awesome characters, and here's why we'd want to be friends with each!

Friends and Seinfeld are both famous shows. Friends was about a group of different individuals that hung out all the time trying to navigate life in their 20s and 30s, while Seinfeld is famously known as "a show about nothing." Each 90s show provided characters and situations for us to relate to one way or another, which is why they're both beloved to this day. Joey (Matt LeBlanc) and Kramer (Michael Richards) are each notable characters from these shows, and there's plenty of reasons why we'd want to befriend both guys. They were both in New York in the 90s, living their best lives (wouldn't it have been cool to have a crossover?). That said, here are 5 reasons why we'd rather be friends with Kramer--and 5 why Joey is better.

10 Kramer Knows People

Kramer literally knows everybody and vice versa. Then again, it's hard not to notice or remember Kramer. Chances are, if you need something done, Kramer's got a guy for it. He may not work, but Kramer sure spends a lot of his time networking. Kramer may sever connections from time to time, like the time he was banned from Joe's for trying to return a half-eaten peach, but for the most part, he's well-liked in the community and could introduce you to characters you'd otherwise never cross paths with (they could either be your best friend or your worst enemy--you decide).

9 Joey's An Avid TV Viewer

As an actor, this is one of Joey's greatest loves. Plus, he learns from others on television (though we admit like everyone else Joey watches TV for his own entertainment). He and Chandler were hooked on Baywatch, and there are many scenes where members of the gang walk in to find Joey watching something on TV. That said, you could have a TV buddy in Joey.

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The two of you could load up on junk food and watch shows and movies for hours on end and never get bored. The two of you could develop your own rapport and get hooked on a show of your own. Imagine watching Supernatural or The Good Place with Joey. Best binge-watching experience ever.

8 Kramer Is Friends With The Soup Nazi

Kramer is the only one to get along with Yev Kassem (Larry Thomas), aka "The Soup Nazi" in the famous Season 7 episode. Yev expresses that Kramer is the only one that understands him, to which Kramer agrees. It takes a lot to do what Yev does, and for that, he holds his customers to higher standards. You certainly don't want to hear him scream "No soup for you!" in your direction, so Kramer would be a good ally to have to prevent such a thing from happening.

7 Joey's Famous

Okay, this is a shallow reason to hang with Joey, we admit it. Yet, being friends with Joey means you get to run around in the same circles with celebrities. Joey's friends, especially Rachel, tend to overreact whenever they're in the same room with a celebrity, which is why Joey secretly hosted a party for the Days of Our Lives cast and sent his friends elsewhere so they never knew about it.

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How awesome would it be to have George Clooney's phone number? In the world of the rich and famous, people know people and Joey could hook you up.

6 Kramer's Adventurous

Spontaneous road trip, dance classes, impersonating a cop? Kramer would be down for all of it. He went to Los Angeles to try his luck as an actor on a whim. He may have been mistaken for a serial killer, but he had a good time anyway. Kramer is one of those friends you can count on for a fun time, giving you some of the best memories of your life. When you need to cut loose or do something out of the ordinary, no doubt Kramer will be at your side lining up your options--or more likely, already pushing you out the door with a surprise in mind.

5 Joey's Love For Food

Being friends with Joey pretty much means you're eating good food 24/7. You want to try a new restaurant, Joey would always be down for that. You can count on him to go out to eat as much as you want, though you might find yourself paying more often than not and Joey will definitely not share one piece of food, no matter how much he likes you.

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Otherwise, Joey's appreciation and love of food is a perk to the friendship given he'll probably introduce you to new places that you'll instantly love. If you're a great cook like Monica, Joey will just love you that much more, especially if you're cooking his holiday meals.

4 Kramer's Stories

You'll never find yourself bored around Kramer. He keeps the life of the party going, always. He's always got great stories to tell and it seems he adds new ones on a day-to-day basis. Remember the time he was determined to save a pinky toe and ended up fending off a mugger while driving a bus? Or the time he got kicked in the head and shaved only half his beard? He's always got a story you wouldn't believe, but they're for real, and it'll make your life a little more exciting.

3 Joey's Dating Methods

Joey's a womanizer, but he knows how to date successfully. He's got some of the best pick-up lines and he can teach you how to go after the one you want and win them over. He'd be great for coaching you through the whole process, especially when it comes to making sure you sleep with them. Should your relationship develop into something more, you'd be the one coaching Joey through that, but hey, what else are friends for?

2 Kramer's Unconventional Ways

Kramer is anything but conventional. He doesn't hold down a job, his stories are off-the-charts, he knows the strangest of characters, he does everything on a whim, and he most definitely thinks, acts, and dresses off-the-cuff. There's nothing wrong with any of these things--in fact, it's some of the many reasons why we love Kramer.

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Kramer's a misfit but in the best of ways. You'll feel more comfortable being your own version of misfit along with this guy. He loves every minute of it, and so will you. Who says it's fun to follow the grain of society when you can do your own thing on the side?

1 Joey's Good Heart

Beneath the womanizing and goofing around lies the heart of a good man. Joey cares for his friends, especially Chandler, who's like a brother to him. Joey has been there for all of his friends several times and would do anything for them. He loves his many sisters and his parents, and he does mature over the years, even pursuing a serious relationship with Rachel at one point (even though it was a weird pairing, it was still sweet). Joey will protect and defend you, and you can count on him to always be there when you need him.

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