Friends: 10 Times Ross Was Actually A Jerk

Friends Ross Geller

It’s no secret that the internet isn’t a big fan of Ross Geller from Friends. He’s definitely a character that has been made fun of a lot and called out for being kind of a bad person. When Friends was airing, it was definitely a different time, and many of the things that happened on the show wouldn’t sit as well with current audiences. When the show went to Netflix. New, younger viewers enjoyed watching or rewatching but were also there to point out issues with the show. Ross is one of the more problematic characters that has been talked about, and he’s also just overall a jerk.

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Here are 10 of the most noticeable times Ross Geller was a huge jerk.

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Anita Barone and Jane Sibett as Carol in Friends
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10 When He Was Homophobic About Carol and Susan

Anita Barone and Jane Sibett as Carol in Friends

From the beginning of the series, Ross portrayed some pretty homophobic behavior. He always made a lot of snide comments and jokes about his ex-wife Carol and her partner Susan. While it might have been more acceptable to make these kinds of jokes on television at the time, Ross lived in NYC, and he didn’t need to be as homophobic as he was. While he did co-parent with Carol and Susan, he was always insecure about Susan and never liked her.

9 When He Freaked Out About Ben Playing With Barbies

Ross is clearly a character that had a lot of deep-seated insecurities surrounding his masculinity. In one episode, his son Ben is playing with Barbies, and Ross has a freak out about it. He refuses to let him play with the Barbies and pushes a GI Joe on him instead. This is a great example of Ross being kind of sexist, and it also shows that maybe he isn’t always the greatest dad. Parents should let their kids explore their interests and play with toys regardless of gender. Clearly, this was Ross’ own issues with gender and sexism showing.

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8 Messing With Rachel's Job to Try To Keep Her In NYC

Ross often tried to interfere in Rachel’s life, and this is one of the most egregious examples that occurred in the series finale. When Rachel is going to move to Paris for a new job with Louis Vuitton, Ross interferes by going to her old boss at Ralph Lauren and convincing him to give Rachel her job back. While it’s understandable he was sad Rachel would be leaving and their child together makes these decisions impact him as well, he shouldn’t have gone behind her back like this. He was always trying to make decisions for Rachel that weren’t his to make, and this is pretty toxic.

7 When He Was Weirded Out By Emma Having A Male Nanny

Jennifer Aniston as Rachel, David Schwimmer as Ross and baby Emma in Friends

This is another instance of Ross being sexist and having pretty narrow views of gender roles. When Rachel finds a new nanny for Emma, Ross can’t handle the fact that the nanny is a man. Even though the nanny, Sandy, is clearly qualified and great at his job, he doesn’t want Sandy to keep the job. He makes a lot of comments about Sandy not being manly enough and says he is too sensitive. This is another big example of Ross and his issues concerning his masculinity. Plus, he was just really rude.

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6 His Consistent Jealousy of Any Man Rachel Was Around

Friends Season 4 Episode 1 Rachel Ross Bonnie Breakup

Ross over and over gets jealous of Rachel and her relationships. Even when the two aren’t together, he seems to think he has some say in Rachel's love life and what she does. One example of this is when Ross gets jealous of Rachel’s boss, Mark, and makes a big show of making it clear Rachel is in a relationship by sending her gifts at work. Whether they were dating or not, Ross is easily jealous and manipulative about Rachel even working with other men.

5 Sleeping With One Of His Students


Ross worked as a professor during part of the show, and while doing so makes one of his worst decisions related to his love life, which is really saying a lot. He starts dating his student, Elizabeth. While she was old enough for him to date, the professor/student dynamic here is still a bit gross. The relationship also has a large age difference. This couple might seem less gross if it was actually developed or had any meaning, but clearly she was just another one of his many relationships in between times he was dating Rachel.

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4 In High School When He Started The "I Hate Rachel Green" Club

Friends Season 8 Episode 9 Ross Hate Rachel Club

Ross had a crush on Rachel for years, even back when they were in high school. He never was really able to handle the fact that Rachel didn’t give him attention. In an episode where Brad Pitt guest stars, we learn that Ross started the “I Hate Rachel Green” club in high school. He did this because he was upset she wouldn’t date him and clearly bitter. This kind of behavior is definitely not how you should treat people, especially not people you supposedly care about.

3 The Whole "On A Break" Thing


This is one of the most commonly cited examples of Ross being a jerk and a horrible friend/boyfriend. After Rachel and Ross decide to go on a break, Ross hooks up with another woman he meets at a bar during that same night. While they might have been on a break, this clearly wasn’t meant to be a long-term breakup. Also, hooking up with someone else literally right after is just a low blow. If Ross really had loved Rachel for so long, you would think he would not do something like this.

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2 When He Lies About Getting His Marriage To Rachel Annulled

Friends Ross Geller

How Ross treats Rachel is often toxic. He tries to control her and manipulate her, and this is one of the worst examples. After they get married in Vegas, they decide to get the marriage annulled. Ross says he will take care of the paperwork, but then he doesn’t do it. He tells Rachel he does and makes her believe their marriage is annulled. Keeping Rachel legally married to him without her knowledge is so manipulative it’s amazing she could ever be his friend again.

1 Saying Rachel's Name When He Was Getting Married To Emily

Friends Season 4 Episode 24 Ross Rachel's Name

This is another one of the worst examples of Ross being a huge, selfish jerk. When he’s getting married to Emily, he says Rachel’s name instead during the “I do’s.” This is such an awful thing to do to both Emily and Rachel. He shouldn’t have gone through with this wedding at all since he still had such strong feelings for Rachel.

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