Friends: 10 Ross Memes That Are Too Hilarious For Words

This September marks 25 years since the iconic sitcom Friends first aired. Everyone who loved it has a special place in their hearts for the characters, whether it's Monica's cleanliness, Rachel's fashion sense, or Joey's confidence. Monica's brother Ross Geller has come under fire lately as we become more educated about toxic masculinity, but in terms of character development, his bad behavior is an interesting counterpoint to how funny and caring he can be.

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With 236 episodes in total, the series has created a vast amount of fodder for memes. Whether you hate Ross or love Ross (Rachel? Rachel Green?) here are ten of the best Ross Geller memes that are still making people laugh.

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10 "Oh, wow!"

Meme by nuttinbutsleep

Stop bragging, okay? We're over here drinking margaritas and trying to get through our ex-girlfriend and mother of our child dating our much hotter best friend. Let us live.

The episode when Ross tries to be okay with Joey dating Rachel has yielded hilarious meme after hilarious meme based on Drunk Ross. (We've got a few more on this list.) His inability to cope with the turn of events is the perfect channel for anyone who has ever been in a situation that makes them feel that weird combination of uncomfortable and jealous. Oh, wow indeed.

9 Feeling Cute...

The "feeling cute challenge" began in 2017, but really hit its peak in early 2019. The goal is to caption a photo--generally a selfie--with "Feeling cute, might x, idk."

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Of course, this is perfect for Ross. One of the ongoing struggles of Ross's character are his one, then two, then three divorces. They are the source for a lot of jokes in the series, like when Chandler warns Ross:  "If you're not careful, you might not get married at all this year!" Since each marriage gets shorter, it makes perfect sense that season 10 Ross would be thinking he could meet someone, get engaged, get married, and get divorced by the end of the weekend.

8 The Nicolas Cage Memes

In February 2019, the internet lost its collective mind when someone put Nicolas Cage's face onto David Schwimmer's body and made Ross look, well, more like Ross. The Cage/Schwimmer mashup is somehow Ross intensified.

Naturally, this spawned a ton of jokes about Ross doing things that Nic Cage's characters have done in the past. This one, clearly a National Treasure (2004) reference, seems somehow like something Ross would actually do. The obsessive science buff could probably talk himself into doing something as insane as stealing the Declaration of Independence, which is what makes this version of the meme a national treasure itself. (Sorry, had to.)

7 What is life without love?

Oh my God, are we supposed to answer him? In season ten, Ross has Joey, Rachel, and Charlie over for dinner so they can celebrate their weird romantic switches. It is an awkward but hilarious night. Drunk and slightly crazed Ross may be some of David Schwimmer's best acting on the show.

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Ross's long-winded attempt to define the night by the letters L-O-V-E is one of the character's most iconic moments, and it's having a second wind on the internet. Unsurprisingly, that speech is constantly mined for meme content, as we see here with @_anushkaadutta_'s version. Ross is right--what is life without love?

6 Marry Me Maybe

Ah yes, the song that jettisoned Carly Rae Jepsen to fame paired with another reference to Ross's three failed marriages.

The chorus of "Call Me Maybe" is so perfect for Ross. "I just met you and this is crazy..."? If this song had come out ten years earlier, Chandler would have been using it to make fun of Ross mercilessly. We might have even got some version of this meme's lyrics on the show. Somewhere, Ross Geller is humming it right now. Or maybe he's singing it to Emma.

5 Breakups Are Hard

No, of course not! But I'm going to make fajitas until I am okay!

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This meme by by @shivaa_mani totally captures the whole mood of Ross's L-O-V-E speech. Of course Ross isn't okay! How could he be? He always sort of thought he and Rachel were going to get back together, so even though he's dating Charlie it's a weird moment for him. And hey, we've all been there. We've all broken up with someone that we really thought it would work out with. Sure, you want them to be happy, but until you feel good about it it's margarita o'clock.

4 We Were On a Break!

Is there a more iconic line from Friends than "We were on a break"? (Well, maybe the next meme's is!) This repercussions of this moment last through nearly all ten seasons of Friends because Ross never really lets it go. (We were right there with Chandler when he said, "If you say that one more time I'm going to break up with you.")

You can agree or disagree about whether or not being on a break excuses sleeping with someone else, but I think we can all agree that being on break excuses all kinds of behavior at work. Asleep? We were on a break. Loudly complaining about the copy machine? We were on a break. Walking out? We were on a break.

3 Just Pivot

In season five episode 16, "The One with the Cop," Ross buys a new couch and refuses to pay the delivery fee. He enlists Rachel's help, and eventually Chandler's as well, to try to get it up a narrow and curving staircase. Ross is as determined as he's ever been to make it work, encouraging his friends to try increasingly difficult physical and acrobatic stunts to try to get the couch upstairs. Which is what makes PIVOT a perfect parody of the Nike "Just Do It" ads.

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We're so glad @davin_flanagan made this for us to enjoy. If only we could get it poster sized and on our wall to inspire us every day.


The 'pivot' moment with the couch is one of the most rewatchable moments in the entire show's history. It is so perfectly emblematic of each one of the characters: Ross trying to force something to work that isn't; Chandler trying to be helpful until he has to make fun of someone; and Rachel trying to move furniture while roasting Ross.

But peak Ross memes might come every hurricane season, when the US East Coast braces for potential impacts from dangerous weather over and over again. When the weather comes on, we're all pulling a Ross and shouting "PIVOT!" at the screen.

1 What is The Matter With You?

This meme perfectly brings together two of Ross's funniest moments--when he's shouting "Pivot!" and when he can't seem to punch Joey correctly in season nine. It's true that one of the most frequent questions viewers are asking Ross throughout the series is, "What is the matter with you?" But it's an even more relevant question when you meet someone who has never seen a single episode. How? Where did you come from? Are you an alien?

This just proves that your closest friends are the ones who can get your Friends reference and build on it.

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