Fan-Made Trailer Imagines The Friends Reunion Movie

Blast out a verse of 'Smelly Cat' and head to your favorite coffee house, because someone has cut together an amazing trailer for Friends: The Movie.

From 1994-2004, NBC's Friends gave us 10 seasons of New York tears and laughter from the dysfunctional group of twenty-somethings. With the show only just landing on Netflix, it seems to have reignited the spark for a possible Friends reunion. However, forget just another revival season on TV, what about a big-screen outing for the Central Perk Six?

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There have been many imagined scenarios about what Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Joey, and Phoebe would be up to all these years later, but trailer edit channel Smasher has created the perfect nugget of '90s and '00s nostalgia for 'The One With The Reunion.'

Packed with clips from shows like Cougar Town and Joey, the trailer does a pretty good job of convincing us the gang has gotten back together. It looks like Chandler and Monica have split (but could rekindle their relationship), Phoebe has a high-flying job in medicine, Joey's acting career is going great, and Rachel is pregnant again.

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Friends is now a sentimental look at a time gone by, and a reunion movie would surely follow the six main characters coping with the comedy of middle age. Movies like The 40-Year-Old Virgin and This is 40 have already pocketed that genre, but just imagine if Friends came back to do the same? The stars have gone on to do their own things since the show wrapped in 2004, but with them all them sticking a life in front of the camera in some form, a movie isn't completely out of the question. Heading to the silver screen could be a shrewd move for NBC and any big studio to make, and could mean some serious money thanks to fans of Friends' original run.

Sadly, while shows like Entourage and Sex and the City lived beyond their small screen days in theaters, most of the cast from David Crane and Marta Kauffman's adored sitcom have vowed never return to their parts. With the Friends finale ('The Last One') being an almost-perfect swansong, it seems that the fans aren't the only ones who think we should leave the story where it is. 52.5 million viewers tuned in to see how it all ended, and it would be a shame to tarnish the fourth most-watched TV finale of all time with something that isn't as great as the show's original run.

Even with Will & Grace, The Office, and Roseanne all cashing in on the age of TV revivals, the likelihood of Friends coming back has always been a small one. Only last year, there was a fake poster for a TV revival which sent the internet into meltdown, but all turned out to be a clever hoax. Either way, 'The One With The Reunion' has already amassed over 1 million views in just a number of days, so with this and all the hype about the Netflix premiere, someone at the top might finally make a move on a Friends revival. Who knows, maybe they're all just "on a break"?

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Source: Smasher

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