Ranking The 10 Best Possible Couple Options Between The Main Six On Friends

Friends had a lot of fan-favorite couples that never came to be. Here are the 10 best and most likely couples that could've blossomed on the show

They'll be there for you when the rain starts to fall, and that'll continue to be the case for the rest of time. Friends will go down in the history books as being one of the most influential TV shows of all time, mainly because of the attachment we all had to these iconic characters.

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Today, in a more lighthearted approach to proceedings, we're going to take a look at 10 of the 15 best potential couples between all six of the main Friends characters. We've obviously taken Ross/Monica out due to them being siblings, and we've taken it upon ourselves to dwindle it down to the 10 that we believe to the best of the best.

10 Ross & Phoebe

That famous scene on the pool table was probably the closest these two ever got to hooking up, and rightly so. They never really seemed to share the type of chemistry that you’d associated with a strong and successful couple, even though their comedic timing was on point.

They both lead very different lives throughout the core of the series and while they may not be as entertaining as a pair, they definitely had their fair share of interactions. As a couple, though, we’re going to have to pass on this idea.

9 Chandler & Rachel

They made out at a party many years ago with Chandler attempting to get back at Ross, and it just felt a little bit strange. The two have been more distant than most of the other main characters in the series, and Rachel never seemed to fully understand Mr. Bing like others did.

There’s nothing wrong with that and it’s fine to be platonic, which is exactly what these two are with one another. On that one night, however, it was a distinct possibility and we all need to accept that.

8 Chandler & Phoebe

The amusing storyline in which Phoebe attempted to get Chandler to admit he was dating Monica gave us all a lot of laughs, predominantly because there was absolutely no sexual tension between the two whatsoever.

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With Phoebe not even including Chandler in her initial wedding plans it’s obvious to see that she never really considered him to be someone that she’s incredibly close to, and that played out over the course of the entire 10 seasons. Still, due to the comedic timing alone, we’ve avoided putting them at the bottom of the pile.

7 Rachel & Monica

These two quite literally know each other inside out, and we wouldn’t have been surprised if they just decided to get together in order to abandon the chaos of a relationship with a man.

They would’ve driven each other mad eventually but when push comes to shove, they always seem to have each other’s back. Across so many seasons that can be hard to maintain, but they managed it, and they have a pretty cool chemistry too. Phoebe is great, but these two were always just a little bit closer.

6 Chandler & Joey

Everyone always joked about them being gay so why not just steer into the skid? These two seem to portray an old married couple most of the time anyway, so the idea of them getting together wouldn’t be too far off.

They have back and forth debates and arguments but through it all, they remain the best of friends. They’ve got the sort of bond that can’t be broken no matter how hard you try, and that’s why some fans legitimately had a phase of believing that they were going to end up together.

5 Joey & Monica

This one always seemed to be more of a physical tease than anything else, with the pair clearly finding each other attractive when they first met.  That famous night in London could’ve taken us down such a different path if Joey was in the room instead of Chandler, but in the end, it wasn’t to be.

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We aren’t so sure they would’ve been able to stick it out for the long haul but everyone would’ve been rooting for them regardless, mainly because there are moments where they look like the most adorable couple on the face of the planet.

4 Rachel & Joey

Rachel and Joey always felt like two of the outsiders of the group from an intellectual point of view, and that theme carried over from the first episode until the very last. Despite a few hints and teasers every so often they didn’t legitimately get together until the end of Season 9/start of Season 10, and for some reason, the writers just didn’t give them a fair crack at it.

So many supporters of the show wanted to see more of this dream pairing because it was a couple that just made sense in every conceivable way. Sadly, it just wasn't meant to be.

3 Joey & Phoebe

Everyone says that they’re better off as friends and we can completely understand the logic behind it, but the few on-screen kisses they’ve shared together have been too damn amazing to ignore.

They just vibe off of each other in a way that very few other people can understand as if they’re constantly in their own little world. Whichever way you look at it they’re both so much fun to watch on screen, and all of the flirty hints back and forth have us shipping them every second of every episode.

2 Ross & Rachel

She got off the plane, they were on a break, whatever the case may be – Ross & Rachel’s love story was a classic. Ross was in love with her for so long and when she finally loved him back, it made for television gold. Their chemistry was, and still is, so intoxicating.

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One thing we will say is that they were certainly much better to watch from a romantic point of view in the early stages of the show’s run, but their reunion in the final episode was still amazing.

1 Chandler & Monica

There’s something about them starting off as friends (pun not intended) and building their relationship from that point on which we just cannot get enough of. There was definitely something to their connection in the early days but nobody could ever quite figure out what it was: until London.

That changed the whole dynamic of the show, and gave us a couple that we didn’t even really know we ever needed. Their wedding will go down as one of the best episodes of the entire thing, but the best moment of all is when their adopted twins are finally born.

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