Friends: 20 Things Wrong With Rachel Green We All Choose To Ignore

Friends Season 9 Episode 23 Rachel Joey Laugh Ross Lecture

Rachel Green gave it all up to be on her own. As a matter of fact, she went from being rich to dirt poor. She gave up all the money and love for freedom. Luckily, she had her 5 best friends to lean on. Although, they had their own problems too. Turns out her friends and fans chose to overlook a few flaws. Indeed, she might seem perfect but is far from it.

It's safe to say that Friends wouldn't be the same without Rachel. She had a huge impact on pop culture due to her fashion sense. Women all over the world copied her hairstyle. In the show, she's a good friend that always there for them. She cares deeply for her friends and will help as best she can.

On the other hand, Rachel can be a bad friend too. She often puts her own needs ahead of her friends. At times it felt like she was straight out of Mean Girls. Indeed, she's the popular and pretty girl that isn't always nice. She also grew up rich and privileged. In addition, She's very bratty and stubborn. If she doesn't get her away then everyone knows about it. Of course, that's not to say she's an awful person. She just struggles at being a good friend. She had some relationships issues as well. To be fair, that's not all her fault but she certainly didn't help matters. It's time to take a closer look at Rachel Green and her friends.

Here are 20 Things Fans Choose To Ignore About Rachel Green.

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Friends Rachel Monica apartment
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Friends Rachel Monica apartment

Rachel grew up in a rich family and rarely did housework. She worried about things like her hair and clothes. Later, she leaves all that behind and moves in with Monica. This is the first time she's on her own and isn't used to doing things for herself. In fact, she's lazy and doesn't make for the best roommate. She avoids doing housework as much as possible.

In fact, Monica has to nag her until she'll wash the dishes. Even then, she just pretends to do the work. In addition, she's pretty bad at cleaning up after herself. In her defense, Monica's a neat freak and has unrealistic standards. Regardless, Rachel still finds ways to avoid housework.

19 SHE LIES during the annulment

Friends Season 5 Episode 24 Rachel Ross Married

In the season 5 finale, Rachel and Ross surprisingly marry in Las Vegas. The following season, Rachel wants an annulment as soon as possible. However, Ross doesn't want to have a third failed marriage. He lies and claims he got the annulment. Eventually, she finds out and wants to take care of it herself.

To be fair, Ross shouldn't have lied to Rachel. On the other hand, Rachel lies when she files for the annulment. She makes numerous wild claims just to get back at him. It backfires because the judge realizes they were a couple before and have a history. The judge refuses to annul the marriage and instead they have to go through a divorce.


It seems that Rachel has a hard time being happy for Monica. In season 6, Chandler and Monica decide to move in together. At first, Rachel thinks all three of them will be roommates. That's an odd thing to assume since Chandler and Monica are a couple.

Regardless, she's not supportive and doesn't think it's going to happen. Later, she becomes angry that she has to move out and doesn't think it's fair. However, it's clearly time that she moves on in life. The change ended being good for all of them. More importantly, it's time to let her friend move on. It's also possible that Rachel's just not happy for Monica. Monica makes big life changes before Rachel did.


The show starts with Rachel running into Central Perk in her wedding dress. She was just about to marry Barry when she ran off. Rachel just couldn't picture her life with Barry forever. She does the brave thing and leaves him. Well, she could have chosen a better time. She literally left the guy waiting at the altar. In fact, she could have ended it at any point and it would have been fine.

It would have been awkward but not as bad as leaving the guy on his wedding day. She should have done the mature thing and told him how she felt. Instead, she waits to tell the last possible second to leave him. However, she does find out later that he was being unfaithful with her former best friend.


Friends Lobster

Rachel and Ross's love story was the heart of the show. In fact, they became one of the most famous "will they or won't they?" couples. It seemed like there was always something standing in their way. Well, on a few occasions it was Rachel. Rachel's only interested in Ross when he's unavailable.

He had a huge crush on her but she pretty much ignored him. However, when Ross moves on she sulks and wants him back. For instance, she only wanted Ross when he was dating Julie, Bonnie, and Emily. In each case, she became very jealous and petty. However, once he's single she doesn't seem to care. In fact, when Ross and Emily break up Rachel moves on.


Friends Season 8 Episode 3 Rachel Ross Ultrasound

It's common for couples to share intimate details with each other. However, they assume it'll stay between them. Apparently, Rachel doesn't believe in that. In season 3, Ross and Rachel finally start dating and share romantic fantasies.

Ross reveals he has a Princess Leia fantasy, which is quite common. In fact, Rachel even puts on the Princess Leia outfit. Although, she first blabs to everyone about it. It seems odd that she'd share intimate details like that with people he knows. Rachel even gets mad at him when he's mad about it. It seems reasonable that he wouldn't want those details out there. Especially since she's really good friends with his sister.

14 SHE asked ross not to date people, but she allowed herself to date

By season 9 Ross and Rachel's relationship was just more complicated. They were about to have a child together but still weren't a couple. They went baby shopping and Ross flirted with the cashier. Rachel became very jealous when she saw that. She didn't want to date him but didn't want him to date anyone else.

In fact, she asks him not to date anyone at the time. Later, that all seems to change for her. Rachel goes to the bar and gives her number to a guy. He calls later but Ross chooses not to give her the message. When Rachel finds out she's furious at him. She fails to see the irony in her outrage. She wants to date but wants him to stay single.

13 SHE'S An awful DRIVER

Rachel had a tendency to be immature and reckless. On several occasions, she didn't think things through. In season 7, she finds out that Monica let everyone drive her Porsche except for her. According to Monica, she won't let her drive because she's an awful driver.

Rachel then steals the car keys and forces Ross to let her drive. However, the cops pull them over because of her awful driving. It's only then Ross finds out she's doesn't have a valid drivers license. That doesn't sound like a very good friend. Clearly, Monica was right to not let her drive the car. It seems odd Rachel would be so angry when Monica's right.


Friends Season 4 Episode 20 Rachel Joshua

From the moment Ross first saw Rachel, he fell in love. He did everything he could to get her attention.  However, Ross wasn't the only one that was in love with Rachel. Gunther was madly in love with Rachel from the moment he saw her. He did everything he could to get her attention as well.

Of course, Rachel didn't notice Gunther and barely knew he existed. It's a bit mean since Gunther actually did a lot for her. He hired her at Central Perk and didn't fire her even though he should have. He also bought a hairless cat from her for a fortune. She just wanted to get rid of the cat and didn't care that Gunther bought it.


Friends Season 6 Episode 13 Rachel Ross Jill

Rachel grew up in a rich and privileged lifestyle. It was hard for her to give it all up. At first, she struggled to be responsible and mature. It was a difficult adjustment for her but her friends were understanding. On the other hand, when it comes to her sisters she's not as understanding.

Her sisters struggle with responsibility and maturity as well but she has no patience for it. Her sisters Jill and Amy visit on separate occasions. In both cases, they turn to her for help. They assume she'll understand them best because of her own life. However, she's mad at Jill when she basically makes the same choices as her. She also doesn't support Amy in her life choices at first.

10 SHE doesn't switch with Phoebe

Friends Season 9 Episode 21 Rachel

Rachel often takes advantage of Phoebe's innocent nature. Even if she's wrong she'll lie to get her way. This is best on display when she lives with Phoebe. Rachel moves in with her when Chandler moves in with Monica. However, Phoebe's apartment burns down because of Rachel hair straightener.

Rachel moves into Joey's apartment, and Phoebe moves into Monica and Chandler. When Phoebe has had enough of them, she wants to switch with Rachel for Joey's apartment, but Rachel doesn't let her, even though the apartment fire was her fault to begin with.


Friends Bonnie

In season 3, Ross and Rachel famously break up in an epic fight. By the end of the season, they've both moved on. Ross starts dating Bonnie, which means Rachel wants him back. Bonnie was pretty and fun to be around. Of course, Rachel's jealous of Bonnie and wants her gone.

She becomes so jealous that she convinces Bonnie to shave her head bald. To be fair, Ross is the one that breaks up with her. Additionally, she didn't look bad bald. Regardless, it's petty of Rachel to pull a stunt like that. She doesn't even show any remorse for her actions. She doesn't seem to feel bad for tricking Bonnie.


As noted, Rachel moved in with Phoebe when Chandler and Monica became serious. Rachel and Phoebe loved living together but they did have their problems too. In fact, Rachel didn't want anyone to see her with Phoebe. To be fair, it was only when they went running. Rachel always went for a run and invited Phoebe to join her.

However, Phoebe's running style embarrassed Rachel. She tried to avoid running with her and even faked an injury. She could have tried talking to her friend about it but lies instead. Furthermore, Phoebe's running styles wasn't that bad. Also, it's Phoebe so Rachel should have expected a bizarre running style. In the end, they both tried Phoebe's running style and loved it.


Friends Season 4 Episode 24 Rachel Ross Wedding

As mentioned earlier, Rachel seems to want Ross when he's with someone else. For instance, Rachel moved on and had a huge crush on a client. Ross eventually moved on because she did. However, once Ross and Emily became engaged Rachel wanted him back. Ross and Emily's wedding takes place in London so the whole gang goes.

Only Rachel and a pregnant Phoebe stay behind. At the last minute, Rachel decides to go to London to stop the wedding. If she really cared about the guy she'd let him marry and move on. Instead, she shows up and confuses him. To be fair, Rachel does realize that stopping the wedding is a mistake. On the other hand, her showing up causes Ross to say her name instead of Emily's during the ceremony. Although, that one is all Ross's fault.


For the most part, Rachel's a good friend to Monica. They've been friends since high school but Rachel's always been the center of attention. Indeed, Rachel's love life and career are always in the spotlight. Additionally, Monica was always there for Rachel when she needed her.

However, she can't even let Monica have the spotlight for one night. In season 6, Monica and Chandler become engaged. Rachel's jealous about Monica and Chandler's big news. She's not happy that her friend found love. She finds a way to make it about Rachel. She complained about being single and feeling alone. In addition, she can't believe that Monica's going to marry first. Monica's happiness seems to make Rachel feel insecure about her life.


In season 3, Ross couldn't wait to celebrate his one year anniversary with Rachel. However, Rachel was too busy with work to celebrate. Ross was just trying to be nice but Rachel didn't care. It's understandable that she's busy but she couldn't make any time at all. She did have time to hang out at the coffee shop. She didn't even try to make an effort.

Later, Ross tries to celebrate at her work but sets the flowers on fire. Rachel became angry and yelled at him. Ross can be annoying but in this case, he was just trying to be nice. However, this leads to one of the most famous breakups in TV history.


Friends Season 2 Episoode 8 Rachel Ross List

Season 3 featured Ross and Rachel's infamous "we were on a break" break up. Rachel and Ross were fighting about work and her co-worker Mark. It got so bad they took a break but there was confusion over the term "break". Regardless, Ross ended up being unfaithful. In Rachel's defense, Ross moved on really fast even if it was a break-up.

At the same time, Ross does what he does because she hangs out with Mark. It's normal for Ross to be jealous of a guy she's working with. After Ross and Rachel's fight, she invited Mark over to her place and Ross found out. It's understandable that Ross would be so angry. She knew he was jealous of Mark and it might cause problems. Nonetheless, she invited him over anyway.


For the first few seasons, Rachel worked at Central Perk as a waitress. She worked there for many years and spent most of her free time there too. However, she was awful at her job and a pretty bad employee. That might have been because she hated her job more than anything.

She often mixed up orders and made mistakes. In addition, she also ignored or was mean to customers. She only kept her job because Gunther had a crush on her. In fact, it got so bad that Gunther had to re-train her because she didn't know how to do anything. She hated the job so much that she put in little effort. However, when she found a job she cared about she worked very hard.


Rachel struggles with being a good friend to Monica. She should try harder since Monica's done so much for her. It's like Rachel just can't help herself. In season 2, the gang visits Marcel the monkey on set when he's shooting a movie in New York. Monica's speechless when she sees action star Jean-Claude Van Damme.

She has a huge crush on him but is too nervous to approach. So she sends Rachel to talk to him for her. Instead of helping out her friend Rachel picked up Van Damme for herself. That seems like an odd thing to do to a friend. In addition, she didn't understand why Monica was so angry about it. A good friend wouldn't try to steal their crush from another friend.


Friends Season 8 Episode 9 Ross Hate Rachel Club

During high school, Rachel was the super popular girl. All the boys liked her and all the girls wanted to be her. Well, not everyone liked her. Turns out she was the typical high school bully. In season 8, Ross's old friend Will (Brad Pitt) comes to visit. He reveals that Rachel made high school miserable for him. He felt that she was mean and cruel to him.

Indeed, she picked on him for being overweight. Will hated her so much he started an "I Hate Rachel" club. Ross was the co-founder because she ignored him in high school. They also started a rumor about her to get back at her. Even as an adult it's easy to see traces of the high school bully.


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