Friends: 10 Rachel Memes That Are Too Hilarious For Words

15 years later, Friends remain as popular as ever. So, of course, the internet is flooded with Rachel Green memes that are beyond hilarious!

Friends is an iconic sitcom, just look at the outcry when Netflix almost lost the rights to it last year. Friends is soon going to actually leave Netflix to move to the new Warner Brothers streaming service known as HBO Max. In the meantime, you should binge-watch Friends to your heart's content while it remains available to you.

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The series is all about the relationship between a tight-knit group. One of the cast standouts, Jennifer Aniston, has gone on to have an A-list career but her original character, Rachel Green, is iconic in her own right. Here are some hilarious Rachel memes for Friends superfans.

10 I hate Rachel Green club

This hilarious graph is a depiction of the "I Hate Rachel Green Club" that was created by Will (who was played by Aniston's husband, Brad Pitt, at the time) and Ross Gellar in high school. The only other member was a foreign exchange student who didn't even know what the club was for, as depicted on the graph.

The club was ridiculous, and that's why the episode about it was funny, mainly because we find out that Will still holds a grudge all those years later. They even started a rumor about Rachel that spread all the way to Chandler's school.

9 No uterus no opinion

This quote from Rachel Green has become incredibly popular for obvious reasons. As Rachel says, "no uterus no opinion," which should be a true statement concerning various topical social issues at the moment.

However, in this meme, it's a hilarious way to make it known to people who don't have to experience menstruation, especially cramps, can't possibly know what the pain feels like! Whoever made this has probably had several non-uterus people tell her it "can't be that bad," but how could they possibly know?

8 When someone asks you about your skills

Rachel Green is simply one of the most relatable characters in the sitcom world. Most of the Friends characters are relatable in some capacity, but Rachel is universally so. In this meme, we see a Rachel quote saying "I can breathe."

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We all know how it feels to be asked about your skillset and feel like you don't have what it takes to fulfill the qualifications needed. But at least the minimum thing you can do is breathe! It's hard to not feel overwhelmed when applying for jobs.

7 When your friends are busy

We all know what it's like when you want to get out of the house but the only people you hang out with are busy. What happens when you only have two or three friends you actually enjoy spending time with?

That means there is only a limited window to make spare time. It's hard to make plans, especially at the last minute. What do you do when your friends are occupied? Sometimes the only thing you can do is sit around the house, find a book, or surf the internet.

6 The girl you like

What do you do when the girl you like is beautiful and graceful and, as the cherry on top, so is everyone else in your life? Do you ever feel totally intimidated because the person you're into has a gorgeous family and their ex looks like an Abercrombie and Fitch model?

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Then you gaze at yourself in the mirror and suddenly, you look like a weirdo who has no chance whatsoever to impress them. In this meme, of course, that feeling is amplified since the chosen photo of Ross is one where he does actually look quite silly.

5 When you're pregnant

While pregnant, it's hard to find the energy to do a lot of activity on a regular basis. No one can blame them, as growing another human inside of you is hard work! Once you get to the later months, it's almost impossible, and many women even get put on bed rest because it's simply impossible for them to get around.

Sometimes you get to a point where your husband comes home and finds you doing something silly, such as Rachel balances a can on her stomach in the photo above, and that is your accomplishment for the day.

4 A mood for every day of the week

Here is your perfect calendar guide to your likely moods for each day of the week. Monday and Tuesday are the absolute worst because it's just the beginning of the workweek. Then you get to Thursday and Friday will make you smile as the weekend begins.

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Saturday and Sunday are great too, although less so with the latter since it means the weekend has come to an end and Monday is just around the corner. Rachel may just be a sitcom character but she has a mood for every occasion.

3 Ross & divorce papers

This meme format will probably look familiar as it has become extremely popular on the internet. The idea is that a couple is together with the girl watching the guy, but the guy is looking behind him at another woman. The meme is a great format for every joke you can fathom.

In the photo above, we see Ross eying his previous wives while all three of them are eying divorce papers. It's a running joke in the series that Ross has bad luck with marriage and relationships; for starters, he has had more divorces than anyone else in the group.

2 Emma's age

Emma is the daughter of Rachel and Ross. In one episode, Ross films a special video message so that he can share it with Emma on her 18th birthday. It's basically a time capsule and Chandler mentions that it's going to be 2020 by the time she watches the video.

That's next year! Despite Friends being over, the series can still live on by remembering that Emma would officially be turning eighteen next year. The meme is a fun image and piece of trivia for fans of the series, while also serving as a reminder that time refuses to stand still.

1 I, Ross, take thee Rachel

Friends fans are familiar with this iconic and jaw-dropping moment when Ross accidentally said Rachel instead of Emily in the middle of his wedding ceremony. Needless to say, things between him and Emily didn't work out.

This meme goes through the scene thoroughly, only with Rachel receiving a bit of a makeover. The "shocked Pikachu" meme has become incredibly popular recently, and not even Rachel is immune to its electric charm.

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