Friends: 10 Monica Memes That Are Too Hilarious For Words

Monica Geller is one of the most popular sitcom characters. The Friends resident chef and lover of clean spaces is known for being equal parts funny and strict at any given moment. Whether we can relate to her or not (as in, whether we're super neat or messy), we can't help but root for her relationship with Chandler, her foodie career, and her general life success.

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There are tons of memes out there about our favorite TV shows (or any pop culture aspect that we're obsessed with). Thankfully, Friends has given fans more than enough content and material for some funny memes. Here are 10 Monica memes that are too hilarious for words.

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10 Monica's Life Motto

This Monica meme is too hilarious for words since it proves that this is basically the character's life motto. She can't help but tell people when they're doing things incorrectly (or, in this case, when they're not doing it the way that she would).

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This is a quote from the season 10 episode "The One With Rachel's Going Away Party" but fans could definitely picture her saying this at any given point throughout the series' ten year run.

9 Butter Is The Best

This meme is so great for two reasons: it showcases Rachel and Monica's unique, quirky friendship... and also Monica's (sometimes overly) confident personality.

These two friends really couldn't be any more different. While Rachel can freak out about anything at the drop of a hat, Monica is definitely the more highly strung of the two characters. And while Rachel really can't cook anything, Monica is a trained, professional chef. Instead of giving Rachel some friendly cooking advice beforehand, Monica would rather explain that she had done something wrong. It's classic Monica. And, finally, this meme is hilarious thanks to the fact that it involves butter. Butter really does make everything better (even pop culture memes).

8 Know-It-All

Is there a bigger know-it-all on a sitcom than Monica? What about a TV drama, or a movie, or even popular culture in general?

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Probably not... which is why this Monica meme is too hilarious for words. This is a solid reminder that a real life friend like Monica would probably get pretty annoying at times. Who wants a know-it-all for a good friend?! But we love to watch her on TV because her neurotic tendencies are so humorous, and Courteney Cox plays her so well.

7 Our Favorite Couple

Fans of Friends are used to how totally different Monica and Chandler (aka one of everyone's favorite sitcom couples) are. While Chandler is goofy and silly and can't stop making jokes, Monica worries a lot more... about everything.

In a hilarious meme, they're both smiling in totally opposite ways, which brings to light their wildly different personalities. Chances are, we can relate to this if we have our own friends telling us that we always look super serious in photos. What can we say? There are some people who can smile naturally and look great when being photographed... and then there's the rest of us.

6 Wedding Bells

Anyone who is engaged or married knows the anticipation and thrill of knowing that your wedding day is fast approaching. You've done so much planning and yet there are still so many details to figure out.

That's no big deal for someone like Monica, of course, who thrives on tiny details and perfection. Fans were excited to watch Monica and Chandler finally get married, and in a meme that is too hilarious for words, Monica shows how she just can't wait until they're officially husband and wife.

5 Sleep Cleaning

Has anyone heard of sleep cleaning? You know, tidying your room/apartment/house while you're getting your beauty sleep?

No? Well, it's definitely something that Monica would love to do, which makes this a totally hilarious meme. Many people shudder at the thought of cleaning since it's so dull, but the joy that Monica finds in this domestic activity is honestly a little bit inspiring.

4 Fighting Friends

It's always rough to fight with friends in real life, and it's even worse to watch our favorite Friends argue or not get along. This Monica meme is too hilarious for words and features one such Monica/Rachel argument.

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It's always painful to hear what someone really thinks of us... and that's exactly what these two characters do in this scene. Thankfully, everyone knows that they'll patch things up quickly (but oh, how we loved watching the scene).

3 Telling Time

Of all the sibling relationships on TV, Monica and Ross have a really great one. Like most brothers and sisters, they act like they can't stand each other most of the time but it's clear that they do care about one another.

Of course, it's funnier when they're not getting along. This hilarious meme is a perfcet example of a time when Ross was just itching to make fun of his perfect sister Monica. And now we're feeling even more nostalgic for Friends...

2 The Truth

The best part about being a fan of a show like Friends is being able to see ourselves in the main characters . We love being able to relate to them and it can be comforting to realize that we're not alone in our neurotic or weird tendencies.

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Of course, we always see our own pals in these characters, especially when it comes to Friends. This meme is too hilarious for words and proves that we all know a Monica in our lives. She's all about cleaning, cooking, and getting worked up about things... and we love her so much.

1 Neat Freak

Finally, we have the best Monica meme of all: one that talks about what a neat freak she is.

When it comes to a sitcom character who is weirdly wild about cleaning the house and can spot clutter or dirt from two miles away, she's only tied with Danny Tanner from Full House. We really do believe that if she learned that someone's apartment was super messy, she would have terrible insomnia and would have to rush over and clean it. And, honestly, she would never be happier... and we would never laugh harder.

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