Friends: 20 Things Wrong With Monica Geller We All Choose To Ignore

Friends Season 10 Episode 11 Monica Reaction Ross Kiss

It's hard to find good friends these days. That's why Monica's so lucky to have her best friends to lean on. In fact, they're always there for each other. It's safe to say she was crucial to the group. She's an amazing chef and feeds her friends all the time. As a matter of fact, they would starve without her. That's probably why they overlook her many flaws.

Friends wouldn't be the same without Monica. She's also a crucial part of the show. Most of the series takes place at her home. It's a huge part of the show and the gang spends most of their time there. In fact, if they're not at Central Perk they're at her place. The pilot features Rachel running out of her wedding. Monica is nice enough to let Rachel move in with her. Even though Rachel didn't invite her to the wedding. She's a good friend and a caring sister.

On the other hand, she's controlling and a neat freak. She always has to be in charge and loves to be the boss. She's not perfect and at times is a pretty bad friend. Furthermore, she's a pretty bad wife too. Regardless, her friends still love her to pieces, even if she annoys them and drives them crazy. They still love her for who she is. Plus, she's a really good cook. It's time to take a closer look at Monica.

Here are 20 Things Wrong With Monica Geller We All Choose To Ignore.

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Friends Season 4 Episode 14 Monica Orange Juice
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Friends Season 4 Episode 14 Monica Orange Juice

Monica and Rachel first met in high school. Later, they became roommates and the best of friends. However, they weren't always good friends to each other. For instance, Monica once went on a date with Rachel's high school boyfriend Chip. Of course, this was years after high school but still. Rachel and Chip had a big high school romance.

They were basically the Ross and Rachel of their school. Chip treated Rachel poorly and was even unfaithful at their prom. Regardless, Monica still wants to go on the date. Additionally, Monica guilts Rachel to letting her go. Clearly, Rachel wasn't happy but didn't stop Monica. In the end, Chip is still the same guy and the date's awful.


Friends Monica wedding

To many fans, Monica and Chandler's romance was the show's true love story. They were a strong and healthy couple to the very end. However, Monica made it all about her. In fact, it seemed she didn't care who she married, just as long as she got married. Chandler had no say in the wedding plans but was in charge of the cameras.

Indeed, she's sad when she realizes she won't be a bride again. In her marriage, she was often selfish and impulsive. She didn't wait to show this side of her. In season 8, she didn't wait for Chandler to open their wedding gifts. It would have been nice if the couple opened them together. Monica didn't care about that and ripped the wrapping paper off.


Friends Monica Chandler gifts kiss

There's one thing certain about Monica that everyone knows and it is that she is a neat freak that needs everything to be very clean. In fact, she freaks out if something's slightly out of place. She's such an out of control neat freak only Chandler can stand to live with her. Phoebe and Monica were roommates before the show.

Phoebe couldn't handle the stress of making the slightest spill. She moved out but was too afraid to tell Monica. Later, Rachel and Phoebe need a place to stay and both rather stay with Joey. Monica's too difficult to stay with even in the short term. Later, Chandler freaks out when he cleans without her permission. She becomes angry if items are out of place and not in order.


Friends Monica Chandler closet

As noted, Monica freaks out if items aren't clean and in the right place. She spends her free time cleaning and cleaning. She yells at her friends if they make the slightest error. However, turns out she's not the neat freak she claims to be. In fact, she has a secret closet where she dumps most of the clutter. She keeps this a secret from all her friends.

Chandler finally uncovers the truth. He should be a bit more upset. If he did something like that she'd yell at him for days. The closet embarrasses her and she tries to keep it a secret.  She basically just swept all the clutter and garbage into the closet. It seems unfair for her to yell at her friends.


Friends Monica Chandler job

Chandler's not the best looking or the smartest in the group. However, he's certainly the funniest and is proud of it. In fact, his sense of humor is very important to him. Monica should be aware of this but clearly isn't it. In season 9, Monica tells Chandler her co-worker's the funniest person she ever met. Chandler can't even hide the hurt on his face.

Regardless, Monica doesn't see it. Ross and Joey are both in shock when they find out. They know how important being funny is to Chandler. At least somebody does cause his wife doesn't. Chandler is deeply hurt that his wife thinks someone else is funnier. She doesn't even realize she hurt his feelings until Ross and Joey point it out.


Friends Season 8 Episode 2 Monica Present

In season 9, the gang decides to play the lottery. Like many people, they hope of hitting the jackpot. They all pitch in and buy a whole bunch of tickets. In fact, Monica and Joey go together to buy them. They all have high hopes of winning. Of course, soon their greed threatens the friendship. However, they lose the tickets when they fall off the roof. They soon realize that Monica bought extra tickets. These tickets were just for her and Chandler. She bought them when Joey wasn't looking.

Monica's greedy side reared its ugly head again. She wanted to keep the money all for herself. When her friends find out she seems not to care. Instead, she claims she'll just buy new friends and pay for their plastic surgery to look like her friends.


Monica Chandler Friends massage episode

Monica also as a need to always be the best. That's part of the reason she's such a neat freak. She needs her place to be the best. It's so important to her that Chandler lies to her about minor things. She gives him the worst massage he ever had. In fact, he's in a great deal of pain. However, Monica believes she gives the best back rubs.

Chandler lies to her that he loves them. Later, Phoebe reveals she's horrible at massages. She can't believe Chandler lied to her. To make her feel better, Chandler convinces her she gives the best worst massage. Soon she's happy at her accomplishment. It's so important to her to be the best. She'll even take being the best at being the worst.


Friends Monica Richard

For most of the show, Monica dreams of one day marrying and starting a family. In fact, she breaks up with the love of her life Richard because he doesn't want any of that. Later, she starts dating Chandler. He wants to marry him but decides to trick her first. He claims he doesn't believe in marriage so the proposal will be more of a surprise.

It works a little too well. She's so angry he doesn't want to marry she runs to Richard. Of course, he wants to marry her now. It makes sense she'd be angry with Chandler but she runs back to her ex pretty fast. Of course, it all works out in the end. Monica proposes to Chandler in one of the most famous Friends moments.


Friends Season 6 Episode 25 Chandler Monica Proposal

In season 6, Chandler and Monica finally became engaged. It was a big moment in the show's history. However, Monica makes the proposal all about her. She demands to be the center of attention. In fact, she refers to it as "my special night" and not "our". She completely ignores Chandler's role in the whole event.

It is as if she's going to marry herself. She's furious when she catches Rachel and Ross kissing. She accuses Rachel of trying to steal her thunder. However, Monica's the reason the rest find out about them kissing. In reality, she's the one to spread the news. She makes Rachel feel worse then she already does.


Friends Season 7 Episode 16 Chandler Monica London Truth

In season 4, the gang heads to England for Ross and Emily's wedding. Without a doubt, Ross and Rachel were the stars of that finale. However, it was Chandler and Monica that stole the spotlight. Monica and Chandler's love first blossomed in England. However, a later flashback would change all of that.

In the episode, Monica's mistaken for Ross's mother. She's angry and turns to Chandler for comfort. The flashback reveals that she came looking for Joey. Instead, she settles for Chandler. It was the beginning of Chandler's greatest love. On the other hand, Monica was looking for anyone that night and Chandler happen to be there. Of course, she's happy Chandler was there and not Joey that night.


In her childhood, Monica struggled with her weight. This would become a running joke throughout the show. In fact, Ross and Chandler often tease her about being overweight. This usually borders on bullying. Flashbacks reveal that Monica and Rachel once went to a party at Ross and Chandler's college.

At the event, Rachel kisses Chandler despite knowing Monica had a crush on him. It was that night that Monica has her very first kiss. Clearly, it was a magical moment. However, Ross also thinks he kissed Rachel that night. It wasn't until years later Ross and Monica realize they kissed each other. Sadly, Monica's first kiss was with her older brother.


In season 9, Chandler's company moves him to a job in Tulsa and he asks Monica to move with him. At first, she's against the idea. She doesn't want to leave her family and friends behind. However, she soon realizes she needs to go with him. She tries to find a job in Tulsa. Instead, she gets a big job in New York.

Instead of moving to Tulsa she takes the job in New York. She quickly changes her mind and has no problem not seeing him. She makes Chandler go back and forth between New York and Tulsa. He's only able to visit on the weekends. She doesn't seem to care how difficult it's for him.


For most of the show, Monica lives in the best apartment. It's where most of the action takes places. However, that all changes in season 4. Monica and Rachel switch apartments with Joey and Chandler. Monica's usually the host but her place is no longer the center of the group. It drives her crazy that the gang hangs at her old place.

She goes through a great deal to make her new place better. She buffs the floor, redecorates and makes a fresh batch of cookies. By the end the gang's hanging at Monica's new place. She just wants to be the host and center of attention.


In season 7, Monica's angry when she finds out her parents spent her wedding fund. They figured she'd never marry so it wasn't a big deal. Monica always dreamed of a grand wedding. Those dreams start to fade until she finds out how much Chandler saved. She wants to spend every cent on their wedding and doesn't care that he worked hard to save it.

He has other dreams. For instance, he wanted to save the money to buy a house and start a family. She doesn't really care and is happy to spend the money on her wedding. In the end, she makes the right choice and doesn't spend the money. On a side note, they still have a pretty grand wedding.


In season 2, Monica starts dating Fun Bobby again. His name says it all. He's fun to be around. In fact, not only does Monica like him but so do her friends. They all have fun with Fun Bobby. Monica soon discovers the source for his fun attitude. Indeed, Fun Bobby drinks a lot. Monica does the right thing and helps him kick the habit.

There's only one problem now. Fun Bobby's not as fun anymore. Monica regrets helping him deal with his issues. She misses the old Bobby, which is strange. She'd rather him have a problem. As a matter of fact, she starts drinking a lot to have fun around him. He eventually breaks up with her. Turns out Fun Bobby just wasn't fun anymore.


Monica dreams of marrying and starting a family for most of the show. Soon Chandler and Monica propose and plan to marry. However, she freaks out over being with one person forever. She continues to flirt with other guys once she marries Chandler. To be fair, Chandler flirts as well. On the other hand, Monica openly flirts with Soap Opera actors at Joey's party.

She even has one of the actors sign the undergarment she's wearing. Chandler's not even at the party as he went to a one-woman show. In addition, Monica completely forgot about him. She doesn't hide her flirting and does it openly. She's doesn't even worry about Chandler finding out.


Ross and Monica's sibling feud will never end. Monica's highly competitive and doesn't like to lose. She becomes furious if things don't go her way in a game. In particular, she's highly competitive against Ross. To be fair to Monica, Ross is just as competitive. They both refused to let go of the ball in their famous Thanksgiving football game.

In fact, as kids, she broke Ross' nose in a game. They even still wrestle and fight. However, she's competitive against everyone. She even takes off a day of work to throw a ball around with the guys. In addition, she doesn't like to lose and will freak out when she does.


As noted, Monica likes to be in charge. She has a very bossy and controlling side. To be fair, Ross is just as bossy. Indeed, he has many flaws as well. Regardless, Monica often bosses Chandler around and rarely listens to him. He had no say at all in their wedding except for picking the band. She doesn't always treat him the best.

She didn't even notice when he started wearing glasses. Later, she comments that it's nice for them to all be together. She forgets that Chandler's not there and is in Tulsa. Monica mocked him and bossed him around in front of his friends. She even laughs at the idea of another woman finding him attractive. Despite that Chandler still stayed with her.

2 SHE LIED about being a REVEREND

Friends Season 10 Episode 17 Monica Chandler Erica Twins

In season 10, Monica and Chandler decide to adopt a baby. They struggled to have a child of their own. However, even the adoption process was difficult for them. Regardless, Monica was desperate to have a baby and would do whatever it took. They meet a mother, Erica, looking for parents to adopt.

However, their file's mixed up with a different couple. In fact, Erica believes Chandler's a doctor and Monica's a Reverend. Monica lies and claims to be the Reverend to get the baby. Chandler reveals the truth and Erica calls it off. Monica's pressuring and attitude made the situation worse. Luckily, Chandler talks to Erica and she picks them.


Friends Monica Chandler humor

It's no secret that Monica's a control freak. Clearly, she controls Chandler and orders him around. She even once had control of Rachel's life. Her controlling ways are tough to deal with at times. She always has to be in charge and the boss. In season 10, Phoebe asks her to be the wedding planner for her wedding.

She takes full control of the wedding and bosses everyone around. In fact, she ruins the rehearsal dinner. She puts the speeches on a tight time limit and controls the wedding party. She takes all the fun out of the event. Phoebe fires her and Monica gleefully watches Phoebe struggle with the planning. Eventually, Monica's put back in charge of the event and bosses everyone around again.


Is there anything else about Monica from Friends that are a little strange? Let us know in the comments!

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