Friends: The 10 Most Hilarious Quotes From Monica Geller

When it comes to the most popular sitcom characters, Rachel Green is among the top contenders, along with Joey Tribbiani, Phoebe Buffay, and Chandler Bing. There's another character on Friends who should be just as beloved: Monica Geller.

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Ross Geller's sister and Chandler's eventual wife is known for her cooking and cleaning skills, along with a general sense that everything needs to be flawless. Although Joey and Chandler are known for their hilarious zingers and jokes throughout the sitcom's ten-season run, Monica has a lot of awesome quotes, too.

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Courteney Cox as Monica Geller in Friends
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10 "Still... It's Just Such Reckless Spending."

Courteney Cox as Monica Geller in Friends

In the season one episode "The One With The Fake Monica," someone seems to have stolen Monica's credit card. When she realizes that there are a lot of charges, and she says that it's "reckless spending." At first, this seems like a typical Monica quote: she's being strict, tough, and rigid and commenting on someone's money habits.

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This quote becomes even more hilarious when Joey says "Wow, what a geek. They spent $69.95 on a Wonder Mop," and Monica responds, "That was me."

Those of us that love Monica can really appreciate this exchange since we enjoy how much she loves to clean.

9 "He Used To Have This Recurring Nightmare. It Really Freaked Him Out... That I Was Going To Eat Him."

Is this the most hilarious thing that Monica Geller has ever said? Probably. She says this in the season 9 episode "The One With The Pediatrician." She's talking to Rachel about how Ross had a bad dream that plagued him when he was growing up, and when Rachel asks about the content of the dream, Monica responds after a long pause, "That I was going to eat him."

The delivery is just perfect, and the fact that the ever-so-serious Monica says it? That's even better. It's also a great quote since it makes us think about Ross, and it's so easy to picture him having this dream as a child.

8 "Chandler, What Is Wrong With Your Face?"

This gem of a Monica Geller quote is from the seventh season episode "The One With The Engagement Picture." It's so perfectly Monica because at first, she's getting really upset about the quality of the picture, and we know that she cares about perfection more than almost anything else. But then she realizes that she loves Chandler so much and that's what is important.

Only Monica Geller could say that the man she loves is a "drowning moron" and it honestly sounds so sweet and romantic. This is why Monica and Chandler are one of the most popular TV couples.

7 "No! Not like that! ...You’ve Gotta—You Wanna Fold Them Like Swans. Like I Showed You At Christmas Time, Remember?"

Is there any quote that describes Monica Geller better than this one from "The One With The Rumor?" Definitely not. In this line from the season eight episode, Monica is annoyed that Phoebe doesn't seem to know how to fold napkins the way that she taught her.

Classic Monica: bossing her friends around, asking them to help with the meal, and then complaining that they don't know how to do things properly. And yet... she's still endearing in her own way. The show wouldn't work as well as it does without Monica's perfectionist personality, and you just have to love her for it.

6 "Do You Realize That In Four Weeks From Today, We're Gonna Be Married? Four Weeks, Baby, FOUR WEEKS!"

Admit it, you totally read that in her voice. Another one of Monica Geller's best quotes, she says this line in the season seven episode "The One With The Vows." This quote works on two levels: it's funny and sums up Monica's pure excitement to marry the love of her life, and it also sets up Chandler's hilarious response.

When Monica says this to her soon-to-be husband, he responds, "Do you realize that you get louder every week?" What an amazing reply. It's not always possible to relate to a group of sitcom characters, but anyone who has been engaged can definitely relate to Monica's excitement about their upcoming wedding.

5 "I Wonder What Age It Is That You Stop Being Able To Put Both Legs Behind Your Head."

You know how sometimes you're sitting around with your friends and asking really silly ridiculous questions? That's what this Monica Geller quote is like, and that's why it's so wonderful. It's also a good reminder of why people love Friends so much: this is a group of people who care about each other but also just have fun hanging out together.

She says this line in the season six episode "The One With The Porsche." The best part of this quote? We get the feeling that Monica really wants to know the answer to this question. She's not just being funny or trying to make her friends smile.

4 "We Only Ordered One!"

It was definitely a big surprise for fans of Friends to learn that Chandler and Monica would be adopting twin babies. It was also a big surprise for the TV couple, of course.

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In the series finale, Monica learns that they're going to have twins and she says, "We only ordered one!" This is so great since this is exactly what anyone who is going to have twins would think (although they probably wouldn't say it... okay, they definitely wouldn't say it). We know that it all works out in the end and they are so happy to have twins, but it's a lot to wrap your mind around at first. The fact that Monica is so honest is really funny.

3 "The Great Thing About The Jam Plan Was, I Was Taking Control Of My Life. So I Asked Myself, What Is The Most Important Thing To Me In The World And That's When I Came Up With The Baby Plan."

Monica is a woman on a mission in the season three episode "The One With The Jam." As the episode title suggests, she's going to start a company where she makes and sells jam.

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The fact that Monica is basically equating having a baby and making jam is what makes this such a hilarious quote. It's also a classic Monica Geller quote, because she's speaking so innocently and confidently about such a big life change. No one would think that having a baby would be super easy (and most people don't talk about it when they're not even married or in a serious relationship). But to Monica? This makes total and perfect sense.

2 "Okay, Hypothetically, Why Won't I Be Married When I'm 40?"

In the season one episode "The One With The Birth," Chandler says to Monica, "When we're 40 if neither one of us are married, what do you say you and I get together and have one?" This is awesome foreshadowing since, of course, they do get married and have a baby.

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Monica responds by asking him why she would still be single at the age of 40. This is an amazing quote since it's poking fun at how neurotic Monica is and how it would be tough it would be for someone to want to be her husband. Of course, we all know that the whole gang on Friends has similar quirks and flaws.

1 "It's Never Taken You More Than A Shower To Get Over A Relationship."

What a burn, right?! If anyone was going to insult Joey in such a funny and smart way, we wouldn't necessarily say that it would be Monica Geller, but she totally does. This quote is from the third season episode "The One Without the Ski Trip" and it's almost too good.

Monica not only has good timing here but she's also speaking the truth about Joey's love life. He really does seem to date a new person all the time and he doesn't slow down. Whether she's talking about food, cleaning, spending money, romance or babies, we love Monica Geller, and we're always happy to hear what great lines she has up her sleeve.


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