30 Mistakes Fans Completely Missed In Friends

Friends may be one of the most entertaining sitcoms of all time, but it wasn't without its flaws. Over its 10 seasons and 236 episodes, there were plenty of continuity errors. Even with reruns airing on multiple channels every day, DVD and Blu-ray sets and the series streaming on Netflix, fans can't catch every one.

Most of the mistakes found are easy to explain. Television shows do multiple takes of scenes. In editing, sometimes those takes are put together to make the final version that you see in the episode. That can lead to continuity errors with props, wardrobe or characters' placements.

However, mistakes like that shouldn't be in the final product. Someone should have seen them in editing, especially in the case of a different piece of clothing, liquid in a glass or a missing prop. In at least one instance, it could simply be things change after the pilot episode. In another case, it's a matter of a set being visible because part of an apartment is simply never in the show and therefore wasn't built.

However, fans don't always catch mistakes like this because they're focused on the plot and the characters. Friends benefited from this because it featured 10 seasons of entertaining, humorous episodes. Some of these errors are easy to catch upon a second or third viewing of an episode.

Still, fans likely didn't notice them the first time they watched or unless they paused or rewound a scene. They were often too minor to catch viewers' eyes right away.

Here are the 30 Mistakes Fans Completely Missed In Friends.

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Friends Season 1 Episode 1 Paul Leaving
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30 Paul Couldn't Have Used the Stairs to Leave Monica's Building

Friends Season 1 Episode 1 Paul Leaving

In the pilot, Monica led Paul out of her apartment after he spent the night. Rachel, Chandler and Joey watched her say goodbye to him in the doorway. As she turned to walk back inside, he walked off to the right. However, he should have walked to the left to get to the stairs and leave the building.

Sure, there could have been another staircase, but why would there be another one close enough to use it?

The simple explanation is this was the pilot, and they didn't realize the building's layout yet.

29 Paper Towels Rolled and Unrolled

Friends Season 1 Episode 12 Paper Towels

Phoebe told Rachel Paolo made a pass at her in season 1 episode 12. Rachel was upset that Paolo played her and grabbed a paper towel from the roll hanging in the kitchen. However, instead of just tearing one off, she pulled the roll with her, so it stretched across the kitchen.

The two women both apologized before realizing Paolo was the one at fault. Rachel then sat at the table, wondering how she didn't see it, and still holding the paper towel. However, the paper towels went from being unrolled to rolled behind her in the kitchen.

28 The Disappearing Table

Friends Season 1 Episode 19 Table

In season 1 episode 19, Rachel was watching Marcel when the monkey ran away. As she told Ross what happened, fans saw the monkey was outside on the terrace. They also saw that there was a table inside the apartment, under the picture hanging near the front door.

However, when animal control showed up about a minute later, Rachel let the woman into the apartment. As she did, you could see the picture near the door — and there wasn't a table under it. What happened to that table in such a short period of time while Rachel and Ross were busy arguing about Marcel? They wouldn't have had time—or reason—to move it.

27 The Moving Mugs

Friends Season 2 Episode 4 Mugs

Rachel was clearing mugs from tables when Ross asked for advice about his relationship in season 2 episode 4. He and Julie hadn't been intimate yet.

When he sat down in a chair, the red mug on the tray on the counter was closest to him.

However, as Rachel gave him advice, the mugs changed positions on the counter. The smaller, green mug was closer to Ross, and the red mug was behind it and to the right. The red and green mugs switched places as Rachel advised him to wait to be with Julie.

26 The Disappearing Necklace

Friends Season 2 Episode 7 Necklace

Rachel was wearing a necklace as she worked in Central Perk in season 2 episode 7. She had it on as she spoke with Monica, Chandler and Joey about Ross and Julie.

Ross and Julie then joined the others and announced they were getting a cat. Rachel wasn't wearing a necklace during her initial reaction to the news. However, the necklace reappeared as she continued to question the couple getting a pet. It then disappeared again after Julie explained how she and Ross would split custody. It didn't reappear again during the scene.

25 A Visible Set

Friends Season 2 Episode 20 Visible Set

In season 2 episode 20, Richard was playing foosball with Chandler and Joey in their apartment. Behind him and over his right shoulder, you could see the door. That means to his left, the apartment should have continued.

However, as the camera panned as he asked, "could that shot be any prettier?" the fact that it was a set was obvious. You could see the end of the wall and the hallway behind it where the wall should have continued to wrap around. That was the part of the apartment you pretty much never saw—and obviously was never built.

24 The Stain Changed Sizes

Friends Season 3 Episode 2 Hummus Stain

Phoebe got hummus on her dress while everyone was getting ready for Ross' event in season 3 episode 2.

Throughout the episode, the stain changed sizes.

At times, it looked like she cleaned off the hummus or tried to, at least. It was significantly smaller as Monica checked her message on Richard's machine. However, it then reverted back to the giant stain it was when it first happened immediately after. It stayed like that until Phoebe put a giant Christmas ribbon on her dress in an attempt to cover it.

23 The Door Went from Open to Shut

Friends Season 3 Episode 13 Open Door

Monica and Richard pretended they could just be friends and she helped him cook in season 3 episode 13. As they squished tomatoes in a bowl, the doors to Monica and Rachel's bedrooms were both wide open in the background.

Richard got tomato on his shirt, and Monica helped him start to clean it off. Both doors were still wide open. However, suddenly Monica's door was closed as they realized they were in each other's personal space. It remained closed as Monica backed away and alerted him to the tomato on his pants.

22 The Suits Switched Hands

Friends Season 3 Episode 21 Ross Suits

In season 3 episode 21, Ross had a TV appearance and didn't know which suit to wear. He showed his two options — a blue suit or a brown suit — to Joey and Chandler. When he took the suits out of the carrying bag, he held the blue one in his left and the brown in his right, with the bag tucked under his right arm.

Then, before the scene ended, the blue suit was in his right hand and he was holding the bag behind it and the brown one was in his left. It would've been impossible for him to juggle the suits in such a short period of time.

21 The Guitar Disappeared

Friends Season 4 Episode 7 Phoebe Guitar

Ross offered Phoebe musical advice while she played guitar in season 4 episode 7. She held her guitar in her hands as she listened to him. She was still holding her guitar as he spoke about his musical past and finding his "sound." Phoebe asked him to play for her, and he refused.

Suddenly, her guitar was gone as she encouraged him to play.

He again protested briefly, but then he agreed to — and Phoebe was once again holding her guitar. She didn't have enough time to put it down and pick it up again.

20 The Glass Emptied and Filled Itself

Friends Season 4 Episode 14 Monica Orange Juice

Monica poured herself nearly a full glass of orange juice in season 4 episode 14. She put it down to feel what Phoebe thought was a baby kicking. She was holding it when Joey hurried past her and Rachel to get to set on time. The glass was closer to half full.

There was more juice in the glass as Monica asked Rachel how her date with Joshua went. When Rachel said she didn't see Joshua, the glass was less than half full. Monica never even made an attempt to look like she took a sip. As Rachel continued talking about her night, the glass was suddenly almost full again.

19 The Writing on the Magna Doodle Changed

Friends Season 4 Episode 20 Magna Doodle Writing

The writing on the magna doodle kept changing during one scene in season 4 episode 20. First, as Joey complained about staying up all night before a sleep clinic, "get out" was on it. It stayed on there as Rachel talked about Ross and Emily's wedding.

However, the writing changed to "poop" as Chandler talked about how he didn't dance at weddings. Ross then walked in as Chandler was showing Rachel and Joey how he danced. The magna doodle then read "get out" again as Ross told them his and Emily's wedding date.

18 A Sock Appeared on Monica's Hand As She Knocked on Her Door

Friends Season 5 Episode 2 Monica Hand Sock

Rachel asked Monica to make decisions about her love life in season 5 episode 2. When Monica didn't want her to tell Ross how she felt about him, however, Rachel locked her out. Monica began knocking on her door, bare-handed, demanding she let her in.

Ross was the one to open the door for Monica. When he did, there was suddenly a sock on her right hand, raised to knock again.

However, just before that, she'd been hitting the door still bare-handed, with her left hand. She had time to switch hands. She didn't have time to move her laundry basket to the other side and put a sock on her hand.

17 3D Glasses Disappeared from Phoebe's Hand

Friends Season 5 Episode 13 3D Glasses

Phoebe's grandmother's funeral was in season 5 episode 13. When the others joined Phoebe, she held several pairs of 3D glasses in her hand. She gave one to the man who introduced himself as Frank Buffay.

After she reacted to his name, he took it back and gave her the glasses before leaving. She held 3D glasses in both hands. The others joined her as she realized who he was. As she told them the man was her father, the glasses in her right hand were gone. They never appeared again during the scene, before or after the commercial break.

16 Joey Changed Shirts On-screen

Friends Season 5 Episode 17 Joey Shirt

Joey spotted an "attractive girl" in Ross' building across from Monica's in season 5 episode 17. He was wearing a black shirt as he did. He then ran across to the other building to try to find her, and he was wearing a purple shirt. He could've stopped to change shirts, so that wasn't a problem.

However, his shirt was black again as he knocked and Ross opened the door. It changed between a wide and close shot of Joey leaning in the doorway. It was obvious they used two different takes and messed up his wardrobe.

15 The Red Slider on the Magna Doodle Changed Sides

Friends Season 6 Episode 11 Magna Doodle Slider

Joey and Janine and Monica and Chandler tried double-dating in season 6 episode 11.

When Joey and Janine entered their apartment after one of their attempts, the red slider on the magna doodle was on the right side.

Janine didn't like the other couple, and they heard her complaint. Monica and Chandler stormed in to confront her. Joey told them to go home so he could talk to his roommate. When he closed the door after they left, the red slider was on the left side of the magna doodle. No one could have moved it.

14 On Which Side Was the Firefighter Holding His Helmet?

Friends Season 6 Episode 18 Firefighter Helmet

There was a fire in Phoebe and Rachel's apartment in season 6 episode 18. Monica, Chandler and Joey went with them to see the damage. The firefighter they spoke with held his helmet with his right hand, under his arm, when they walked in. He kept holding it on his right side as the friends discussed what happened.

Then, he walked back over to them, and his left hand was hanging down his side by the rest of his equipment. Suddenly, when the camera focused on him again, the helmet was under his left arm. He didn't have time to switch it.

13 A Water Bottle Disappeared from and Reappeared in Ross' Hand

Friends Season 6 Episode 18 Ross Bottle

Ross was holding a water bottle while Joey and Chandler spoke about a favor in season 6 episode 18. Ross drank from and was visibly holding the bottle during their conversation about someone from his and Chandler's college. However, he thought they were discussing someone else.

As he realized he was thinking about someone with the same first name, the water bottle suddenly disappeared from his hand. He couldn't have set it down behind him off-screen, because he was standing in front of the stove and sink. Then, as Monica interjected in the conversation, Ross was holding the water bottle again.

12 The Text of the Engagement Announcement Was Repetitive

Friends Season 7 Episode 5 Engagement Announcement

Monica and Chandler were engaged in season 7. In episode 5, they had an announcement printed in the newspaper. It had a photo of Monica and Joey, since Chandler wasn't photogenic.

Pausing on the announcement reveals it repeated several lines.

In fact, the repetition began with the last word of one sentence ("missed"). It continued until the end of the column, which ended mid-word on "century" with "ce." There was also a grammatical error in the text. It read, "the Geller's are personally overseeing." It should have read "the Gellers," plural not possessive.

11 The Magna Doodle Pen Changed Positions

Friends Season 7 Episode 11 Magna Doodle Pen

As Rachel enjoyed cheesecake in her and Joey's apartment, the magna doodle pen was hanging down in season 7 episode 11. Chandler walked in, and the pen swung as he opened the door. However, when he closed the door, the pen was on the magna doodle, in its holder.

He didn't have enough time to put it in its holder. He also didn't make any motions that would have explained the change in placement for the pen. The pen was once again hanging down from the magna doodle when he walked out of the apartment.

10 What Happened to the Cheap Wedding Dress?

Friends Season 7 Episode 17 Monica Wedding Dress

Monica found a wedding dress she loved (but was too expensive) in season 7 episode 17. She fought another bride-to-be over a similar, cheap dress at a sale. The sleeves had more lace and were different from the original dress.

The other woman stole the wedding band Monica and Chandler were going to get. Monica decided to give up the dress. She showed it to Chandler before she did since it wouldn't be bad luck for him to see it. However, the dress she was wearing wasn't the one she picked out at the sale. It appeared to be the dress (or very similar to the one) she originally liked that she couldn't afford.

9 The Wedding Present That Unwrapped and Rewrapped Itself

Friends Season 8 Episode 2 Monica Present

Monica couldn't resist unwrapping her and Chandler's wedding gifts in season 8 episode 2. However, the large gift in front of her kept seemingly re-wrapping and unwrapping itself.

In the scene, Monica, Phoebe and Rachel discussed Rachel's pregnancy and the father's identity. As they did, the wrapping paper appeared and disappeared from the box.

Monica kept going from being about to rip the paper off the box to sitting in front of a plain brown box. It kept switching throughout the scene, including when Joey joined the women in the apartment.

8 A Jar Appeared and Disappeared on a Shelf

Friends Season 8 Episode 5 Monica Jar

Phoebe visited Monica at work in the kitchen of her restaurant in season 8 episode 5. When she walked in, "Monica's Jar" wasn't on the shelf near the door. However, when she turned and met Tim, the jar was on the shelf in the background.

When Monica interrupted their flirting to get Tim back to work, the jar was gone. That also happened to be when the jar came up in conversation. Monica apparently had to put money in the jar when she yelled. She insisted she hadn't yelled at that point.

7 Tim's Arms' Placements Changed

Friends Season 8 Episode 5 Tim's Arms

Monica and Phoebe wanted to fire and break up with Tim, respectively, in season 8 episode 5.

He joined Monica in the restaurant's kitchen first. As they talked, he crossed his arms. Then Phoebe joined them. They both yelled at the same time they wanted to fire and break up with him. Tim was uncrossing his arms and lowering his hands to his sides as they did. However, after he asked what they said, his arms were crossed again. He did not have time to re-cross them in between shots.

6 Emma's Hat Changed Colors

Friends Season 9 Episode 2 Emma Hat

Rachel and Ross brought Emma home from the hospital in season 9 episode 2. Their baby was sleeping in her bassinet in the living room when Rachel declared she missed her. She, Monica and Phoebe watched the baby sleep, and Emma had on a pink hat.

However, when Rachel decided to pick her up, the baby's hat had changed colors.

It was still pink as she reached into the bassinet. When she held her in her arms, it was white and had a design on it. There was only a bit of pink still in it.

5 The Puppets on Sandy's Hands Switched Sides

Friends Season 9 Episode 6 Sandy Puppets

Rachel and Ross hired a nanny for Emma in season 9 episode 6. Sandy took out puppets for the baby. He had a green one with yellow clothing on his left hand and a purple one with blue clothing on his right hand.

Ross questioned how Emma could appreciate the puppets. As Sandy explained, the puppets were on opposite hands. The green one was on his right hand and the purple one on his left. It would've been impossible for him to move the puppets from hand to hand without someone helping him.

4 The Drinks in Joey's Hand Changed from Bottles to Cans

Friends Season 9 Episode 15 Joey Drinks

Joey discovered the key to him being a good actor in season 9 episode 15. After an audition during which he had to use the bathroom, he received praise for his work.

So, he went to Monica and Chandler's apartment and raided their refrigerator for drinks. He held three cans in his right hand and two bottles in his left after. However, as he explained what he was doing to the others, the two bottles in his left hand became two cans of soda. He also had a fourth can in his right hand.

3 A Toy Appeared in Emma's Hands

Friends Season 10 Episode 5 Emma Toy

Rachel had Emma sitting with her toys while her sister was talking to her in season 10 episode 5.

As Rachel picked Emma up from the bed, they were both empty-handed.

Rachel looked down at the toys and appeared to make a move to pick one up. However, she didn't follow through with it. Still, as Amy shared the news that she was getting married, Emma held one of the toys from the bed. There wasn't enough time for Rachel to have picked it up and given it to her.

2 Joey's Shirt Cleaned Itself

Friends Season 10 Episode 8 Joey Shirt

Monica and Chandler locked the others out when they were late for Thanksgiving in season 10 episode 8. Then, Joey got his head stuck in the door, so they had to free him. In doing so, Joey fell into the table of food, which got all over his shirt. He was completely covered in food.

However, in a matter of moments, his shirt suddenly was a lot cleaner than it had been. Rather than there being pieces of food on it, as everyone celebrated Monica and Chandler getting a baby, there was only a stain. It looked like someone had tried to clean it—without having time to do so.

1 Hospital Bracelets Appeared and Disappeared Around Chandler's Wrist

Friends Season 10 Episode 17 Hospital ID Bracelets

Erica gave birth to the twins Monica and Chandler adopted in the Friends series finale. As the couple held the babies, Chandler had two hospital identification bracelets on his left wrist. Monica wondered if the babies recognized each other outside the womb. As Chandler replied, the bracelets around his wrist disappeared. They were gone until he finished his answer.

Then, they reappeared as Monica and Chandler turned back to Erica when the doctors were taking her from the room. They remained there for the rest of the scene as they told Erica they were naming the girl after her.


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