Friends: MBTI® Of The Supporting Characters

We all still love Friendsand we probably always will. In fact, you have probably dissected the personalities of the main six, and you likely know which ones you align with. However, have you ever wondered how much you're like Janice? Or Gunther? Or even Julie? Well, you don't have to wonder any longer, because we've made a list. In case you're wondering which character you might've dated, or which one of them you're simply most like, look no further. While there were many characters to choose from, we had to narrow it down. So, here are 10 supporting characters from this hit show and their Myer-Briggs Type Indicator®.

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10 Gunther - INTJ

Gunther can be pretty, well, pessimistic. Like Gunther, this personality type relies pretty much solely on logic, and they definitely don't like listening to emotional complaints. This type of person is likely to be independent and dedicate most of their time to their job. Also, they're probably arrogant and judgmental. Gunther doesn't really care about a lot things, and he's more than willing to tell you what he's really thinking (unless it comes to Rachel, of course). Gunther represents introversion, intuition, thinking, and judgement.

9 Janice - ENFP

This type of person is best described as a free spirit. They're always excited, in the moment, and energetic. They have a weakness for others' feelings, and they probably rely on their intuition to an immense degree. Like Janice, this personality type likes exploring social relationships and different feelings. They're always the life of the party, and they can be pretty wild and spontaneous. This is Janice in a nut shell, to be honest, and she definitely represents extroversion, intuition, feeling, and perceiving.

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8 Mike Hannigan - ISFP

This personality type is likely to be charming, sensitive, artistic, and passionate. Hello, Mike. They're open to new experiences and perspectives, and they're definitely willing to be spontaneous. They like to follow their passions, but they might come across as blunt or having a temper. On a more negative side, someone like this is likely to be independent, overly competitive, and have surprisingly fluctuating self-esteem. This is definitely Mike, and he represents introversion, sensing, feeling, and perception.

7 Carol Willick - ISTJ

Carol is pretty logical. Like this personality type, Carol often uses direct honesty, but she's also strong-willed and responsible. Carol is usually the voice of reason against Ross's wild and sporadic emotions. Carol is calm, practical, and pretty much acts as the enforcer of order (say, between her ex-husband and her new lover?). On the flip-side, this person is stubborn and can be kind of judgmental. To be fair, there's lots for Carol to be judgmental of. She represents introversion, sensing, thinking, and judgment.

6 Julie - INFP

Julie resembles the "mediator" personality. She's idealistic, and has an open mind in order to achieve harmony in all settings. She's also extremely dedicated and hard-working. This personality type likes to support and help others, and honestly, this person just always seems inherently "good". However, they can be criticized for being too altruistic or idealistic, and they can be difficult to get to know because they are reserved (remember when the gang tries to get to know her?). Still, this person is sweet, and Julie represents introversion, intuition, feeling, and perception.

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5 Charlie Wheeler - ESTP

Charlie is an interesting character. Mainly though, she represents this personality type because she is rational and practical, like Ross. She's also capable of being direct, but she's also incredibly sociable, which allows others to easily get along with her in all types of social situations. However, this type of person may also forget about the long-term consequences of their actions, and they're likely to seize the moment. This is Charlie, and she represents extroversion, sensing, thinking, and perceiving.

4 Emily Waltham - ESTJ

Alright, we'll be honest, no one really liked Emily. However, she still greatly represents this personality type. She's strong-willed, honest and direct, and pretty loyal. She also likes organizing things, and she can get incredibly upset when this organization is disrupted (say, a wedding venue change). On the flip side, this type of person is often inflexible, stubborn, and judgmental. They find it hard to relax, and yeah, they don't like things that go outside of the traditional norm. Emily is definitely this person, and represents extroversion, sensing, thinking, and judgment.

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3 Tag Jones - ENFJ

Everyone loves Tag, right? Well, like Tag, this personality type is super charismatic and energetic. They're naturally the center of attention, and it's pretty difficult to dislike this person. They're selfless, warm, and super sociable. However, they can also come across as too idealistic, meaning that they might be naive in many situations. They also aren't great at making tough or practical decisions. We love Tag, but this is him pretty well summed up. He represents extroversion, intuition, feeling, and judgment.

2 David - ISFJ

While we're probably all team Mike, we all still definitely did at least like David. This man, like this personality type, is incredible supportive, patient, and loyal. However, they're also very hard-working, and dedicate themselves heavily to their work. They're practical, but they're also imaginative. This person will probably be humble and shy, and might struggle to profess their real feelings. Well, this is quite literally David, and he represents introversion, sensing, feeling, and judgment.

1 Dr. Richard Burke - ESFJ

We're glad that Monica ended up with Chandler, but Richard was also a good man. This personality type will likely be incredibly logical, practical, loyal, and have a strong dedication to their duties. They're also surprisingly good at connecting with others, and they're liked by pretty much everyone. However, they often focus a bit too much on their social reputation, and they can be stubborn when it comes to changing their minds or going against a social convention. This is definitely Richard, right? He represents extroversion, sensing, feeling, and judgment.

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